Manufacturing, of all of the world’s industries, has the highest potential for growth. According to recent figures, the global smart manufacturing market valuation is predicted to be worth $548 billion by 2024.

From finding the right manufacturing partners to setting up manufacturing and administering production lines, there are plenty of complexities to bring products to market and at scale. With increased competition among market players, products and their creation need to be rigorously tested before launching to prevent failure.

Why do we care?

Innovation is leading the way across all aspects of manufacturing. The emergence of Industry 4.0, smart factories and the increasing adoption of robotics means production lines can be rapidly connected and scaled up.

The sector is rapidly evolving as manufacturers constantly look to find, research and adopt the latest innovations to give themselves an advantage over competitors.

Targeted Approach

Leveraging and performing data analysis allows manufacturers to make more informed decisions.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Manufacturers use more sustainable methods of production to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Investment for the Future

Solutions addressing the evolving needs of manufacturers such as new consumer habits and staff cuts.

Reducing Costs & Resources

Employing robots for repetitive tasks can reduce costs and allow human resources to be deployed elsewhere.

Accelerator programs

We run world leading accelerator programs that source the best startups from all around the world.
Designed to support commercialization for new technology growth stage startups.
Sustainable food packaging alternatives to minimize the environmental footprint of our food consumption patterns.

Solving the world’s problems

We believe that the game changers could bring about a positive impact on the world’s biggest challenges, fundamentally change how we move, what we eat, how we feel and where we live for the better.