Brinc Token

We’re very excited to share that we have been working on the official Brinc token (BRQ). It’s early days and we’re spending the time needed to get this right – so stay tuned as we work through this and share more news throughout the year,
We minted in early 2021 but have not put the token up for private or public sale. 
The official contract address is:
More details like the token’s utility, white paper and roadmap will be shared via our official channels only.
If you’d like to stay abreast of the latest developments and information on when we launch please enter your details here and we’ll get in touch.  
We also want to make a statement that we are NOT associated with Brinc.Fi, or any other projects that have used the Brinc brand and that have launched tokens after us.  We have reached out to Brinc.Fi but have not received a response on why they are using the Brinc brand – which is trademarked by us – on their projects.  
Please be careful as you engage with any other projects using the Brinc brand as we are not associated and cannot be held responsible for any issues.  
Reminder: the latest information regarding the Brinc token will be found regarding the Brinc token ONLY on this page and on our blog. 
We are very excited to continue to grow in the web3 space and look forward to sharing our token’s roadmap in the near future. Stay tuned!