You can select the program you would like to apply for here.

Once applications close for the incoming cohort, selected teams will be invited to meet our Program Managers and complete further due diligence prior to participating in a panel interview with our investment committee. 

Following this interview, we will shortlist the top teams and may request for additional supporting information to aid our decision process. The entire investment process can take around three months from the close of applications.   

The key to selecting the right accelerator for your business is matching your startup to the program thesis and focus criteria outlined on the program page. Another aspect that you may wish to consider is whether the investment partner that is attached to the program is a strategic match for your business. 

Brinc advises that you only apply for one accelerator program at a time. In the event that an applicant seems more suitable for another accelerator, their application will be moved internally without them needing to do anything. Therefore, there is no need to duplicate your application.

Our accelerator team is dedicated to supporting your journey and addressing all of your needs throughout the program. The program fee is used to cover our operational expenses which include our staff and mentor costs. This fee is payable on completion of the program, at which point the full investment amount would have been sent by the investment partner.

Each program can have different methods of delivery. Please check individual program pages to see whether the accelerator program you intend to apply for requires onsite participation. However, most programs are 100% virtual, so they do not require you to be in any particular location.

As part of the program, each business will have mentors matched with them specifically based on their unique requirements; this is in addition to program-wide mentors and program partners whose industry knowledge and business experience are applicable to the full cohort.  Key mentors and program partners can be seen on respective accelerator pages.

The Brinc accelerator program offers startups a comprehensive support system to scale their businesses and drive innovation. Selected startups receive funding, mentorship from industry experts, and access to a structured curriculum comprising workshops and training sessions. They also gain industry insight and benefit from Brinc’s extensive network of program partners and investors. While each program contains these key elements, successful applicants can expect to receive tailored mentorship based on their startups needs. Please check the program page of your desired accelerator for more information.

Brinc will arrange four-to-six hours of content per week throughout the program. This will be a mix of online workshop and webinar sessions, one-on-one advisory sessions, and one-on-one check-ins with your relevant Program Manager. The recordings of the workshops and webinars will be available throughout the program to all participants. You are encouraged to involve as many team members as possible to take part, especially technical members. Depending on schedules there may be some additional invitations to onsite roadshows, conferences, or demo days.

Our program traditionally last between 10 and 12 weeks depending on the focus area.

The Brinc network extends far beyond our office locations across APAC, MENA, and India. Introductions to partners are based on the startup’s specific requirements, product stage and fundraising stage, and will be evaluated throughout the program. We would be happy to put you in touch with any relevant parties in our network, ranging from our 250+ mentors to strategic partners to deep dive into questions that you may have.

It depends on the circumstances. Brinc has, in the past, adjusted or waived the program fee. There are also previous examples of startups finishing their program during a later cohort and receiving investment upon completion at that stage. Again, this is determined on a case-by-case basis.


Our offer varies per program and location, see specific program details via our accelerator program page overviews.

As investors, we will also secure the rights for follow-on investment once you have showcased traction. Follow-on check sizes can range between US$50K to US$200K. Our portfolio team will support all our founders with fundraising for follow-on investment with introductions to our network of investors and corporate partners.

Brinc typically invests in startups at the early stage of their development. We focus on supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in their early stages of growth, helping them to validate their business models, refine their product offerings, and prepare for scaling. We understand the unique challenges faced by early-stage startups and aim to provide them with the necessary resources, mentorship, and funding to accelerate their growth trajectory. However, Brinc also considers investment opportunities at different stages based on the specific circumstances and potential of the startup.

We cannot provide an exact value for this as this is very much dependent on a business’s valuation. Having invested in companies ranging from US$1M to much higher, Brinc has experience in valuing your company accurately and will work towards something that caters to the stage of your company.

Brinc invests in exchange for an equity stake in your company and not in terms of debt, therefore no interest would be charged. This will be payable after the investment has been fully deployed. You can see specific program details via our accelerator program page overviews.

We are long-term investors and have an interest in supporting your company through the different stages of your journey. Brinc would only exit when a natural liquidity event occurs, such as an IPO or M&A. 

Yes. The advisory alignment enables us to strategically align with your company to assist in your post-program fundraising process. Our Portfolio team is dedicated to providing investor matchmaking and other relevant fundraising support, such as data room reviews for our portfolio companies. For more information, please see our portfolio.


Ideally, your startup has to have a close-to-finalized design, validated product features and short-term commercialization needs. Our programs are designed to support scalable businesses with high growth potential in their product development, commercialization and fundraising. 

For your company to be too late for us to be able to support it, you would need to be beyond your Series B funding round.

Yes! We accept applicants globally, as programs are online and remote. There is no need to be physically present in the location for the duration of the program unless this is outlined in the program page. 

The average acceptance rate stands at below 5% for each cohort, with a total of about 10 teams joining each of our cohorts. We consider a range of factors that would be applicable to startups, including the dynamics of the founding team and early milestones achieved.

Prior to your application, you should look into your previous accelerator agreement to understand if there are clauses preventing you from joining another accelerator. Please notify Brinc of any such arrangements, so we can assess.

Yes, you can still apply. However, we would strongly recommend finding a co-founder to build the company with. Entrepreneurship is a long and steep path, and it is always better to have a co-founder.

While it is suggested that you fit all of the eligibility criteria, Brinc will consider outstanding applicants outside of its parameters. Please visit each accelerator program page to find out how applicants are assessed. 

You can expect to get notified within three weeks of the application deadline. Our team will email the contact person you listed on the application form to inform them whether or not you will be accepted to the next stage of the program. 

Brinc has business parameters that all potential applicants must meet to qualify their participation in an accelerator. These are:

  • Be incorporated: Brinc will charge a program equity alignment (i.e., ask for shares), so applicants need to verify they are incorporated entities during the application stages  
  • Own your Intellectual Property (IP): Should your company rely on an idea, please assure you have the rights to it, and that no other company or individual has a conflicting patent

In the event that your company doesn’t fit within Brinc’s parameters, you will not be eligible for a program. Brinc may, however, still be able to support you in a different manner, so it is important that all information provided in your application is accurate for Brinc to assess your company as efficiently as possible and advise accordingly. 

Each program invitation states the opportunity for investment amount upon graduation, as well as other benefits such as networking, mentorship, and presenting to a tailored group of potential investors, plus other events. Guaranteed benefits are provided to applicants after the onboarding process and once they have completed legal due diligence. 

If it is discovered at any stage that you purposely misled Brinc by providing false information which influences the outcome of your application, you will not be entitled to benefits including investment, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Brinc also reserves the right to take action on an applicant under specific circumstances. 

It is important for you to be transparent in the process by providing truthful information on your product, service, or company. This will enable Brinc to accurately assess both your company and its ability to support your company throughout the program. Brinc will also reserve the right to revoke your right to take part in Brinc programs and receive related benefits.

Please send any additional questions you may have to Your query will be forwarded to the correct department and handled accordingly in due course. 

At the moment, startups can only receive investment by going through one of our accelerator programs.