As per capita income grows, there’s a parallel increase in discretionary spending and changing consumer behaviors. Modern buyers have moved past generic items as they demand convenience, personalized products, and tailored experiences across diverse areas. We look to support startups that align with this theme, capitalizing on the consumption boom that addresses the evolving needs of a growing population. Through our program, we’re committed to helping your business create a 18-month roadmap to scale and achieve a competitive edge in their respective markets. High-potential early-stage projects and startups that are accepted into the program will receive a tailored program, mentorship, access to a wide network of partners, and the opportunity to receive monetary investment of up to INR 2 crore.

Up to



Who we're looking for

Focus Areas

Including but not limited to

  • D2C businesses
  • Consumer SaaS


  • Must have developed a minimum viable product (MVP) that fits within our interest areas and are working on commercialization
  • Minimum of one founder/co-founder who has relevant industry experience

Evaluation Criteria

  • At least one POC / Pilot (completed or ongoing)
  • Any early revenue traction
  • Pipeline of customers and/or users
  • Uniqueness and innovation of solutions
  • Market fit and roadmap for growth

How startups benefit

Tailored Mentorship

Brinc’s program will equip you with practical tools for effective market penetration and scalable growth

Global Network

Gain access to networks and resources essential for digital success

Fundraising Support

Gain access to a diverse range of investors and opportunities to pitch throughout your journey.

Ready to Apply?

Limited spaces are available – Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply now!

What to expect


Up to INR 2 crore, which is conditional on your company proceeding to the second stage of the application process. The investment amount is determined on a case-by-case basis in exchange for an equity alignment to the accelerator funding partner dependent on your company’s valuation

Program Equity Alignment 

Program equity alignment in the form of advisory shares to Brinc of 1.5% in the capital of your company. While Brinc’s program equity alignment is mandatory, the actual allocation to Brinc is negotiable

Token grant

Token grant of 2% of your company’s total token supply to Brinc (if applicable

Terms & Conditions

  • Brinc charges INR 24 Lakh as a program fee, linked to your company securing investment. Payment of the program fee is required only when the program investment partner fully disburses the investment amount. 

  • Applicants can be based anywhere as the program is virtual.


Accelerator Funding Partners

Ready to Apply?

Limited spaces are available – Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply now!