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Join our 12-week accelerator program tailored for startups aiming to capture growing opportunities across the four following themes: consumption, enterprise & industrial, emerging tech and solutions for a better planet. Our mission is to foster innovation, drive commercialization, and facilitate fundraising for startups that align with our vision. We’re on the hunt for early-stage founders working on solutions that promise a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future. Sound interesting? We want to hear from you!

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Tailored Support

Our accelerator programs provide curated resources, mentorship, and workshops that cater specifically to the challenges and opportunities within specific industries.


Industry Expertise

Connect with industry leaders for guidance on commercialization, finding your customer niche, product refinement, strategies for market expansion, investor relations and more.

Access to Global Networks

Connect with a diverse community of fellow entrepreneurs, investors, potential partners, and customers, fostering valuable connections that can accelerate your startup’s growth and impact.

Funding for Growth

Refine your pitch and gain insights into what investors seek, and capture the opportunity to secure essential funding to fuel your startup’s mission.

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Our Programs

Supporting startups (D2C businesses, consumer SaaS applications and more) that address the consumption boom and increased demand for convenience, personalized products, and tailored experiences.

Supporting startups (Enterprise SaaS, Industrial IoT and more) that provide industrial and enterprise solutions to drive operational efficiencies and increased productivity.

Supporting startups and emerging technologies using Blockchain, AI applications and more that are shaping the next wave of technological innovation.

Supporting sustainability startups in Alternate Protein, Climate Tech, Electric Mobility and more that align with global sustainability goals and cater to a rapidly expanding “green” market.


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There are ~3-4 hours of scheduled sessions at recurring time slots determined at the start of the program aligned to the cohort’s schedule. Additionally, ~3 hours of time each week may be needed for pre-work, progress towards your program objectives, and meeting with mentors 1:1 or in small group formats.

Generally, yes. Please ensure you will still have capacity to attend sessions and meet expected program time commitments. If joining Brinc after another accelerator, please note that Brinc’s curriculum is tailored to each cohort and specific objectives for each startup are mutually agreed to at the start of the program. Brinc’s program is virtual.

Brinc aims to support every startup participating in its programs by connecting them with suitable program investment partners. If your startup advances to the second phase of the application process, the investment partner’s offer will be addressed from the very first call. Disbursement of the investment amount typically occurs during the program or shortly after.

Yes, Brinc charges a INR 24 Lakh program fee to startups which have secured investments from suitable program investment partners. Further, payment of the program fee is required only when the investment partner fully disburses the investment amount.

Brinc will consider solo founders based on the strength of their application. Brinc will also aim to support founders in searching for a co-founder as needed, but please note that this is not a primary focus of the program. Please consider whether you will have capacity as a solo founder to maintain the level of engagement expected throughout the program.

Brinc uses a weighted scorecard covering aspects ranging across team, tech, market, financials, and impact. Founders must be pursuing an idea full-time, and have at least a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), with At least one POC / Pilot completed or ongoing. Startups with early revenue traction or a healthy pipeline of customers and/or users shall be ideal. We also look for founders who are coachable and have a sense of how the program can best support them. Since the programs are designed to support founders connecting to institutional investors, we do prioritize companies with approaches with clear defensibility.

The exact calendar start will depend on the startup selection process. At this time, the program start is targeted for Q1 2024.

For additional questions, see Brinc’s FAQ page