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What is Brinc Academy?

Brinc Academy is a self-guided online platform designed to redefine your entrepreneurial path.
Our comprehensive program is tailored for ambitious founders, focusing on the crucial elements of startup success: effective storytelling through pitch decks, customer acquisition strategies, and proven fundraising techniques.
We offer a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, empowering you to communicate your vision, attract your first loyal customers, and secure funding.

We’re committed to providing you with the essential skills and insights, ensuring your startup vision is not just a dream but a viable, thriving business. 

Brinc Academy is your gateway to transforming innovative ideas into tangible outcomes, with the freedom and flexibility of online learning.

Turn Ideas into Viable Business Concepts

Find Your Perfect Niche & Product:

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From Customer Insights to Prototyping:

Launch and Scale Successfully

Marketing Mastery & Effective Launch Strategies:

What Our Founders Say

"Sarah Lee- AIntell”
"Brinc is one of the leading venture capital firms in Asia, supporting the founders that are solving the world's largest problems. Brinc gets really involved in supporting founders' with their growing businesses and the team is always happy to go above and beyond."
“Natalie G. - EcoTech”
"Joining Brinc's accelerator program was a game-changer for our AI healthcare startup. Not only did they provide critical seed funding, but their mentorship network was invaluable. We had weekly access to industry experts who helped us refine our strategy, navigate regulatory."
“Emily P. - GreenSky”
"Brinc's focus on impact investing and founder support instantly resonated with me. Their team believed in our mission to revolutionize sustainable agriculture, and they went the extra mile to connect us with resources and expertise beyond just funding."

Why Brinc Academy?

A Legacy of Disruption and Innovation

At the heart of Brinc lies a commitment to empowering game changers. With a legacy of solving the world’s pressing challenges through technology-driven solutions, Brinc Academy brings this ethos to every course.

Global Reach, Local Impact

Our diverse global network, spanning over 36 countries with successful investments in over 1,000 companies, offers unparalleled insights and opportunities.

Support For Founders Beyond the Classroom

From investment and mentorship to global networking and ongoing support, Brinc Academy is the resource you’ve been missing on your founder journey.

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