Take advantage of southern China's Greater Bay area in your home market.


We run world-leading acceleration programs in Connected Hardware and Robotics for teams multiple times per year. 


Each of our programs are currently closed for application until June of 2018. 

We are the only investor that is physically in factories in China every week. We know what it takes to ship tens of thousands of physical products per month, and how to build the business behind that.
— Bay McLaughlin, Co-Founder

We focus on short-term goals while helping you build a profitable hardware business.


We prepare you for the demands of a scalable, real-world connected product. 

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to product development with an emphasis on helping you understand mass manufacturing and user-testing early and often.

Fact: Brinc's teams have shipped hundreds of thousands of connected  products through major retailers in over 20 countries. 


We help you build a business, not just a product.

Products are important, but there's a whole lot of other work that goes into building a successful hardware company. We place equal emphasis on best business practices, marketing, brand building, cash flow planning and product, setting you up for long-term success. 

Fact: 100% of our teams are currently operational. 


We connect you with strategic capital.

Connected hardware requires capital to get started, and to continue to build. We understand the capital requirements and unique cashflow nature of hardware businesses from the early days through exit. We've partnered with Artesian Capital to make sure you get smart capital to help you learn and grow.

Fact: On average, our teams have raised $1.9m USD of follow-on investment. 

Brinc is awesome - I’m grateful and proud to be part of Brinc’s family. They opened my eyes and gave me insight into how to run a hardware startup from product development to building a sustainable hardware business.
— Syauqy Aziz, Jala

We equip you with tactical education and tools

Focused on product validation and critical early market traction for connected hardware businesses, our sprint-oriented learning program gets you well-positioned for scaling your business, mass production and fundraising.

Learn and have access to specialised tools for hardware startup accounting, product design and prototyping, user testing and traction, go to market strategies and more.

We provide hands-on support

You could say it’s ultra-hands on support. Our bench of global experts support you through the sprint with weekly 1:1 office hours and feedback, and regular sessions with your team and the Accelerate, Make and Grow teams to make sure you’re tracking for short term growth, and long term success.

We're aligned with equity, and we boost you with cash

While funding is important, we've learned that most often it's not the biggest hurdle for early stage IoT founders. Technical feasibility issues, inability to commercialise and spinning wheels (and spending cash) in prototyping and R&D are where we see most hardware founders hitting the wall. 

Our aim is to provide support and value in the best way we can. We focus on helping founders over these hurdles efficiently and staying lean.