We are happy to announce that we won the Poland Prizean initiative to support young, innovative companies. The program’s focus is to establish Poland as the country of first choice to conduct business in Central and Eastern Europe.

Thanks to this, we will provide a more comprehensive support to mid-stage startups who have a  complete working prototype and are ready for start their DFM stage.

Unlike our other Accelerator programs, Poland Prize takes 0% equity. Selected teams receive cash and services to deliver up to 50 prototypes.

Why Poland?

Poland’s economic ascent is remarkable. After transitioning from communism, Poland’s per capita GDP growth was fast and stable - averaging about 4 percent per year. The country moved from middle to high-income status in less than 15 years.

Poland is the only country in Europe where you can seek early-stage hardware funding with hardware oriented VCs that are willing to deploy more than 100+ million Euros into this category.


Our Offer

  • $65,000 USD* in cash ($24,000 USD ) and services ($41,000 USD) equity-free for you to start with DFM.

  • 4 months program in our brand new Hardware Hub in Poznan, Poland, including an event space, maker space and demo zone

  • 2 weeks in Hong Kong/Shenzhen where you will familiarize yourself with production processes for your later stages

  • Advisory services to get investment from leading Poland VCs post program  

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What are the commercial terms for the program?

Teams joining the full Poland Prize Acceleration program receive $65,000 USD* in cash and services for the full support of the accelerator, for 0% equity.

We invest in teams tackling a wide variety of problems from all over the world, coming from different markets with different economics and benchmarks. The Acceleration Program will be centered around prototyping and preparation for seed investment, therefore we require you to dedicate part of that money towards services that will allow you to meet Acceleration goals.

Here is a breakdown of the funds available:

  • $50,000 awarded in cash.
  • Of this $50,000, we require teams to spend $26,000 on prototyping services.
  • Additionally, teams will receive $15,000 worth of accelerator services (mentorship, consulting, education).

*Offer based on the Exchange rate PLN/USD

Why do we need to register our business in Poland?

Poland makes a lot of sense for hardware in the CEE region.

There are many reasons why incorporating in Poland makes sense for hardware businesses:

  • European Union member
  • access to European market
  • Fast-track visa process with support from Polish Goverment
  • Low cost base
  • Active and supportive startup community
  • Active investor community with numerous pitch and networking events
  • Easy company setup and operation
  • The ideal test bed for your product or service ahead of regional expansion
  • Strategic and cost effective location within the Center of Europe
  • Fastest Economic Growth in Europe


What can I expect after the program?

After we've completed the 4-months, you'll still be a part of the Brinc family. You will be presented with a post-acceleration programme that will be solely targeted on getting your startup getting seed-round in Poland 

Brinc created a vast network of VCs investing only in hardware startups so we will be there to help you realise your dreams of taking your startup to a new level.


If you have any questions, feel free to talk to us now.

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