Accelerator Program Manager (PM)

The PM shall oversee and direct the acceleration program team comprised of current and contracted personnel. Responsibilities include overall program governance and direction and implementing course corrections as needed. Duties shall focus on project monitoring, control, team integration, change integration, and corrective action as needed. The PM shall report to the Managing Director of Accelerate Division (MD).

Duties and Responsibilities  

  • PM responsible for seeing a Brinc program operation through from beginning to end.

  • Planning and designing the program and proactively monitoring its progress

  • Resolving issues and initiating appropriate corrective action

  • Defining the Program’s governance arrangements

  • Ensuring effective quality assurance and the overall integrity of the program - focusing inwardly on the internal consistency of the program, and outwardly on its coherence with infrastructure planning, interfaces with other program and corporate, technical and specialist standards

  • Managing the Program’s budget by monitoring expenditure and costs against delivered and realized benefits as the program progresses

  • Facilitating the appointment of individuals to project teams

  • Managing third party contributions to the program

  • Managing communications with MD

  • Managing both the dependencies and the interfaces between Brinc programs.

  • Managing risks to the program’s successful outcome

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Effective leadership, interpersonal and communication skills

  • The ability to command respect and to create a sense of community amongst the members of the project teams

  • Good knowledge of techniques for planning, monitoring and controlling programs

  • Good understanding of the procurement process including negotiation with third parties

  • Good knowledge of program and project management methods including critical path methodology, gantt charts and kanban

  • Good knowledge of budgeting and resource allocation procedures

  • Sufficient seniority and credibility to advise project teams on their projects in relation to the program

  • The ability to find ways of solving or pre-empting problems

  • Experience in previous accelerators or startups is highly desirable