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Our IoT & Connected Hardware programs focus on pre-launch startups that are looking to connect the physical world. We believe that by connecting and unlocking the world's data, that we can profoundly improve our lives. There are four themes that we get really excited about: How We Feel, How We Move, Where We Live, and What We Eat. We do invest outside of these themes, but we always ask our founders how they are going to positively affect our lives and the world around us.

We started investing in IoT & Connected Hardware startups in 2014 and have always maintained that a deeply hands-on approach, lead by our core Accelerator team, is the only way to truly help founders. We know how to help you get through the early rounds of your entrepreneurial journey successfully and hope that you will apply to our next accelerator program!

We run our IoT & Connected Hardware Accelerator programs out of Hong Kong and Bahrain. You can learn more below.

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Our Two Program Locations 

We host our IoT & Connected Hardware accelerator programs twice a year in both Hong Kong and Bahrain. But why? Because two is better than one? Well, yes and no. The challenges we see that IoT & Connected Hardware companies can solve are global and while we are in Asia (Hong Kong) and the Middle East & North Africa (Bahrain) today, we will continue to expand our programs to other regions. Take a look at the benefits of both of our IoT & Connected Hardware programs below and let us know if you have any questions.

Hong Kong

A hyper-dense city with unique challenges and opportunities, Hong Kong is the perfect place for founders that want to address challenges that are unique to Asia and dense urban environments. Connected to China, founders can get a taste of what's coming from the World's fastest growing economy.


A rapidly growing, super-connected city in the heart of the Middle East and North Africa, Bahrain is the ideal place for foreign and local founders alike. For founders from the region, Bahrain is the new testing site for companies and solutions for the entire region. For foreign founders, the MENA region represents new problems to solve and opportunities you won't find anywhere else.

If you have any questions, feel free to talk to us now.