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Program Overview

In partnership with Schneider Electric, we run a three-month Energy & Industrial IoT Accelerator Program in Hong Kong. We launched this accelerator program to invest in and develop the next generation of technology to seize opportunities of IIoT in buildings, infrastructure and manufacturing. Value will be generated by new use-cases and business models in industrial contexts from data collection, data aggregation, deep analysis and data-driven decision. As such, our mission is to work with startups that are developing solutions powered by IoT, machine learning and AI to improve assets and process efficiency, reliability and resiliency in buildings, infrastructure and manufacturing.

Our Offer:

USD $125,000 in exchange for 10% equity of your startup
+ USD $25,000 Brinc Services credit

  • Funding - Focused on helping you prototype & market validate a finished Energy / Industrial IoT product with speed, coupled with follow on funding opportunities.

  • Product Development Funding - Credit of USD $25,000 will be given for product development support through Brinc’s Services.

  • Mentorship - Our in-house experts and a mentor network will guide you through all the essentials of starting a business: branding, legals, fund raising, manufacturing, marketing, production, and sales.

  • Network - As your business begins to scale, we’ll begin to introduce you to our international network of startups, investors, and partners to support your business growth.

  • Customized curriculum - The curriculum is catered to your startups specific needs. Wherever your business needs support, we’ll step in to provide guidance.

  • Technical onsite training - During our 1 month on-site training, our international experts will be onsite to teach you about everything required to bring a product to market.

  • Startup perks package - Global partners have offered their tools and services at a discounted rate for our portfolio companies.

  • Weekly 1:1 office hours - The Brinc Accelerator team will host open office hours to provide continuous support to your business development needs and help push you towards yours goals.

  • Monthly founder hour - Our international portfolio teams dial in for a monthly Founder Hour where they share their progress, challenges, and future plans.

  • On-going support - Upon completion of the program, the Brinc team will continue to support your business development and growth. We will always be there to help!

Exclusive Schneider Electric Benefits:

  • The Schneider Electric team will also provide unique access to Schneider Electric’s global customers, customized mentorship, network e.g. Schneider executives & customers, deep regulation expertise, market knowledge, proof of concept support, access to pilots, and an exclusive workshop with Schneider Electric top executives structured to provide guidance to each individual startup.

Energy & Industrial IoT Investment Categories:

We are particularly interested in technology accelerating the utilization of data and value generation from data in industrial contexts. As such, examples of challenges we target include condition monitoring, context dependent control, plant asset management, systems & process resiliency and reliability.

Condition monitoring

  • How to detect changes in the behavior of equipment and systems that could imply potential problems?

  • How to detect these as early as possible?

  • Can we better support root cause analysis and ensure a quick return to normal?

Context dependent control

  • How can we better control  equipment to adapt to its environment and changing context?

  • Can we better control equipment in real-time and with high reliability on  critical systems?

Plant asset management

  • How can we better use the data collected across the life cycle of a machine to maximize its performance and ROI?

Systems & process resiliency and reliability

  • How can we  prevent physical or cybersecurity failures and disruptions of complex systems?

  • How can digital twins maintain up time in the face of unexpected and malicious threats?

However, the program is not limited to these challenges and we welcome all solutions that generate value from data in buildings, infrastructures and manufacturing.

Market Segments of Interest:


Healthcare, hotels, offices and homes


Automotive, consumer packaged goods, semiconductors

Data Centers.jpg

Data Centers

Oils Infrastructure Mining Energy.jpg

Electricity companies, transportation, oil & gas, mining and water Management

Application Requirements:

  • Startup focused on creating a product that fits within one of our Energy & Industrial IoT investment categories.

  • Must have a working prototype or show technical capabilities of being able to produce your product.

  • At least 2 co-founders with relevant industry experience.

  • Scalable business model with high growth potential.

Program Requirements:

  • Startups successfully accepted into our accelerator program will need to:

    • Be present in Hong Kong for 1 month of the program for on-site training. The other 2 months of the program can be done remotely.

Applications are currently CLOSED. Sign up below to get notified when applications open.

Program Timeline

Brinc Perks

As part of the Brinc portfolio, you get more than an investment and hands-on program, you also get access to perks from service providers that are critical to your success. Our perks package is worth more than $500,000 USD and becomes more valuable every day. And even after you graduate, you still get all new perks over time, so you'll always have access to the latest and greatest that the Brinc family has to offer.


What are the commercial terms for the program?


Teams joining the full acceleration program give 10% in common shares for $125,000 and the full support of the accelerator.

We invest in teams tackling a wide variety of problems from all over the world, coming from different markets with different economics and benchmarks. We therefore allow for some flexibility in the % exchanged for the $125,000.

Why do we need to register our business in Hong Kong?


Hong Kong makes a lot of sense for energy automation.

There are several reasons incorporating in Hong Kong makes sense:

  • If you source goods, do R&D, or manufacture in China, conducting business through a Hong Kong entity saves time and money thanks to a special agreement between Hong Kong and Mainland China called CEPA allowing the free movement of goods and capital.

  • Very business friendly: no foreign ownership restrictions, low and simple tax system, rule of law and respected judiciary system makes contract and legal work dependable.

  • Unbeatable location as part of the Greater Bay region and within five hours of half the world's population. And 90% of the world's electronics is produced less than three hours away.

  • One of the world's top logistics and aviation hubs.

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