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Program Overview

Twice a year, we run a three month Hardware & IoT Accelerator Program in Kochi, India. Our goal is to develop Kerala as the first destination for startups in India who want to develop IoT & Connected Hardware businesses. The Brinc program will provide comprehensive support to mid-stage startups that already have a working prototype and are ready to move to their design for manufacturing (DFM) phase.

Our Offer:

Up to USD $250,000 in exchange for 12.25% - 22.42% equity of your startup*

*The funding amount will be paid via a three gate payment tranche. As you progress through the accelerator program, more cash will be unlocked to help support you from product development to your first sale.

  • Gate 1 Tranche - USD $40,000

  • Gate 2 Tranche - USD $80,000

  • Gate 3 Tranche - USD $130,000

In addition to our funding, we provide mentorship, investor networking, a customized curriculum, technical onsite training, a international startup perks package, and on-going support to help get the early stages of your startup setup correctly.

  • Funding - Focused on helping you prototype & market validate a finished Hardware / IoT product with speed, coupled with follow on funding opportunities.

  • Mentorship - Our in-house experts and a mentor network will guide you through all the essentials of starting a business: branding, legals, fund raising, manufacturing, marketing, production, and sales.

  • Network - As your business begins to scale, we’ll begin to introduce you to our international network of startups, investors, and partners to support your business growth.

  • Customized curriculum - The curriculum is catered to your startups specific needs. Wherever your business needs support, we’ll step in to provide guidance.

  • Technical onsite training - During our 1 month on-site training, our international experts will be onsite to teach you about everything required to bring a product to market.

  • Startup perks package - Global partners have offered their tools and services at a discounted rate for our portfolio companies.

  • Weekly 1:1 office hours - The Brinc Accelerator team will host open office hours to provide continuous support to your business development needs and help push you towards yours goals.

  • Monthly founder hour - Our international portfolio teams dial in for a monthly Founder Hour where they share their progress, challenges, and future plans.

  • On-going support - Upon completion of the program, the Brinc team will continue to supporting your business development and growth. We will always be there to help!

Application Requirements:

  • The program is dedicated to only Indian startups.

  • Startup focused on creating a product that fits within one of our Hardware & IoT investment categories.

  • Must have a working prototype or show technical capabilities of being able to produce your product.

  • At least 2 co-founders with relevant industry experience.

  • Scalable business model with high growth potential.

Program Requirements:

  • Startups successfully accepted into our accelerator program will need to:

    • At least one member of the team needs to be in Kochi for the entire program.

Applications are currently CLOSED. Sign up below to get notified when applications open.

Three Gates Payment Tranches

Gate I

A $40,000USD investment along with the support of the Brinc program with a focus on development of you early stage product development and market validation. At this time we will work together to set up some milestones that you will need to fulfil in order to trigger the next tranche.

Gate II

A $80,000 USD investment along with the support of the Brinc program with a focus on finalising your product iteration, tooling, understanding of DFM management, vendor sourcing, and finalisation of your product requirement documents. At this time we will work together to set up some milestones that you will need to fulfil in order to trigger the next tranche.

Gate III

A $130,000 USD investment along with the support of the Brinc program with a focus on launching a small batch production, understanding your vendor management, improve your QC and logistics and start shipping your product to your first customers.

Every stage we will also offer:

  • Working space in our brand new facilities in Kochi, Kerala including an event space, maker space, and demo zone.

  • Advisory services to improve your

    • Market Validation

    • Financial Viability

    • Technical Feasibility

  • Access to our network of partners and investors.

  • Access to our perks packages valued at over $250,000+

  • Invitation into the Brinc family & associated slack channels, wiki’s, etc.

Program Timeline

Our Partners


Brinc Perks

As part of the Brinc portfolio, you get more than an investment and hands-on program, you also get access to perks from service providers that are critical to your success. Our perks package is worth more than $500,000 USD and becomes more valuable every day. And even after you graduate, you still get all new perks over time, so you'll always have access to the latest and greatest that the Brinc family has to offer.


Can any startup apply for the program?


Our India program is dedicated to Indian startups.

Can startup members leave India during the program?


At least one member of the team has to be on location during the whole acceleration program.

Are there any rules regarding behavior in the office?


In general, you are never alone in the workplace so you need to behave with utmost respect to others and their work as well as to avoid by all means things you wouldn’t want to be done to you. Apart from the obvious in our work space you can’t eat at the desk (there is a common co-working space near the kitchen for that), you can’t consume alcohol unless it’s allowed for a special occasion, and you are obliged to keep the place tidy and quiet. Once you leave the program (for any reason) you must return the entry card you will be given at the beginning of the program to enter our facilities.

How can teams spend the investment money?


The money is to be spent freely by teams in order to achieve the milestones agreed during negotiation of acceleration and investment agreements.

How will the investment be paid?


The Investment is paid in tranches. All of the tranches have their own milestones for the teams to achieve. More on that in the acceleration agreement.

What’s there to know about Kochi?


Kochi was known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea and was a major spice trading hub of ancient India. Now it’s the largest industrial and commercial center of the state of Kerala and the highest contributor to its GDP. Kochi is also a great tourist destination with the highest number of foreign and domestic tourist arrivals and has a unique cosmopolitan culture due to an eclectic mix of different kinds of people who live in the city with a constant influx of tourists and migrants to the city. Kochi was one of the 28 Indian cities among the emerging 440 global cities that will contribute 50% of the world GDP by the year 2025, in a 2011 study done by the McKinsey Global Institute. In July 2018, Kochi was ranked the topmost emerging future megacity in India by global professional services firm JLL.

Kochi has had a keen focus on hardware with an MIT fab lab and an upcoming super fablab (the first in the country) and a hardware incubator Maker Village which has more than 60 incubated startups. The facility offered at Kochi is unparalleled and has state of the art labs, that empowers the startup with tools to develop an idea from scratch to a fully built functional product.

Why does Brinc have an office in Kochi and not elsewhere in India?


Beyond the facilities — Kochi already has a hardware ecosystem in place with large electronics manufacturing service companies like SFO technologies, DRDO labs and more than 30 companies in the sector and a manufacturing cluster that has already been set up near the Integrated startup Complex. There is also a large number of premier educational institutes that can provide skilled engineers and Infopark Kochi an IT park that has more than 300,000 people working in technology companies will also play a leading role as consumers and partners for the startups All combined Kochi provides truly unparalleled experience for startups.



Preferably in the vicinity of Edapally and Thrikkakara. The largest shopping mall in the state is located at Edapally. The office’s address is Kerala Technology Innovation Zone, Kinfra Hi-Tech Park, Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala 683503, India. The teams pay for the accommodation themselves.

How much does it cost to live in Kochi?


This is obviously very subjective as it depends on how one handles money, what standard does he want to live up to etc. However, on average, the accommodation plus food is around 20,000 INR per month per person.

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