The logistics industry is set to be the one most disrupted by digital. Figures from the World Economic Forum reveal how digital transformation accounts for €1.42 trillion worth of investments expected to be allocated to the sector by 2025.


It means the value chain around logistics will potentially be subject to huge changes. Every aspect from freight warehousing to long-distance transportation could be radically overhauled by technology-driven solutions.


And while many have predicted physical products falling out of fashion, the growth of online retail giants such as Amazon have shown the success of the market. An estimated 85 million packages and documents are delivered around the world each day, demonstrating the size of the opportunity for tech entrepreneurs and innovators.

Why do we care?

Thanks to the internet, societies and states across the world are more connected than ever before. But there also demands for our physical world to be more joined up, a call which can be answered by the latest technologies.

Drones and digital trucks can offer faster, more viable deliveries than traditional solutions and at less costs for both profits and the planet. Real-time tracking means greater efficiencies, particularly during last-mile delivery. Anticipatory logistics also play an increasingly important role in anticipating future consumer trends and habits.

Increase Efficiencies

Access to more reliable data sources will reduce operating costs while increasing efficiencies.

Reduce Environmental Impact

More sustainable methods of manufacturing and delivery to reduce waste and cut back on carbon emissions.

Enhanced Supply Chains

Increased production and profit margins as tasks are completed quicker by an ‘always on’ workforce.

Increased Asset Utilization

More efficient asset utilization thanks to shared warehouse and transport capabilities.

Solving the world's problems

We believe that the game changers could bring about a positive impact on the world’s biggest challenges, fundamentally change how we move, what we eat, how we feel and where we live for the better.