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Job Description

Our team helps investees that have graduated from our accelerator program. We are in the company-building business. We have a history of leveraging relationships to fund raise, attract partners and customers and then–together–build sustainable and highly scalable businesses. We are active investors who do everything we can for our companies. We get our hands dirty. You'll work alongside a Senior Portfolio Manager to identify opportunities to leverage the upside of the portfolio companies.

The Analyst will report to the Portfolio Manager, work closely with and the Brinc Acceleration teams, communicate with the Startups, and support the monitoring and maintenance of the startup portfolio.  He/She will provide support to our startups and maintain portfolio relationships.

Duties and Responsibilities

We’ll expect you to understand complexity, distill it, explain it and drive improvements across the business of our portfolio companies. Some of the items we tackle include:

  • Is the company protecting against the worst that can happen?

  • Are the companies planning for assets as well as liabilities?

  • Are the companies measuring the correct KPIs?

Every business goes through pivotal moments – cave on a term or lose a customer, cancel the product line or keep it in market, make a key hiring decision. We have made most of these mistakes before. Now, we can help or find someone in our portfolio who can help you think through what to do.

  • Conduct market research and landscape analysis for various industry verticals

  • Support to build relationships within the investment community in order to support our portfolio companies

  • Track our portfolio companies’ performance

  • Create presentation materials for senior team members and third parties.  

  • Support the team with any other potential activities

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Outstanding structured and critical thinking.

  • A passion for understanding complex issues with a data driven approach.

  • A technical bent and the ability to use or to learn to use tools to answer your own questions (e.g. Excel, portfolio management tools)

  • Be someone that gets things done.

  • Enjoy experimenting and iterating on different ways to solve a problem.

  • Willing to master the detail when you need to but also zoom out and have a view on how to shape the bigger picture.

  • Be able to do math on your feet.

  • Experience in working with virtual teams across multiple regions.

    The following will be helpful, but are not essential:

    • 2+ years of financial analyst experience

    • A proven track record in either performing data driven analytical work or project managing complex initiatives.

    • Knowledge of tech, IoT, finance, venture capital

    • Above all, be thoughtful and humble.