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We accelerate accelerators.

We will help you develop, support,
and scale your program.

We provide training programs to global incubators, accelerators, and investment companies to help improve program operations, enhance value adds to startup teams and facilitate scale. Our goal is to improve the quality of startup investment opportunities in Southern China (and beyond).

With our support, you will be able to create a program within 3 months! We’ll help you design, strategize, execute your first cohort and if your further along help you improve your value add for your future cohorts.

Ultimately helping you de-risk early stage startup investments through dynamic programs that help startups excel.


Our Program


You will learn how to:

  • Define your program

  • Market strategize & attract startups

  • Deal source & find great investments

  • Execute & run a program that fulfill your startups’ needs

  • Continuously support your startups

  • Scale your program


With innovation and entrepreneurship booming in China, incubators and accelerators are rapidly growing to empower founders to launch and grow their startups. There is already over 4,500 incubators & accelerators and over 5,000 co-working spaces which makes China the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world. The current incubator and co-working spaces business models rely heavily on renting desks and government grants. It is getting tougher for incubators and co-working spaces to be self-sustainable when the government subsidies are reducing or focusing on programs that offer true value adds. As a result of this startups are not receiving the support they need. Incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces need to create new business models urgently to help redefine their approach & develop a clear value adds to permit a true win:win between their goals and those of the investors, governments & startups.


Areas of Support


We provide education on the methodology and best practices to help you create your own program focused on leveraging your core strengths and resources.


The AOA Alliance is a community for all local incubators and accelerators that want to transform their business models to support the development of startup investing in China.


SaaS based systems for program management, reporting, KPI control, along with 100s of content modules that have been tailored and developed for various verticals and stages of startup’s developments.


Our global mentors have weekly open offices hours to help with program implementation and support on-going program management. Extended hours with the Brinc & Brinc AoA team are available beyond the training.


We have the ability to invest in your best teams.

We also have the ability to work with you to setup & manage follow on funds for your programs.


Post the training and joining our alliance, if you believe that you can lead a certain investment vertical or region - we are opening vertical or regional champion certifications.

Our Partners


Animoca Brands (ASX: AB1) is a developer and publisher of games and other apps for smartphone and tablet devices & also has a venture capital arm. Animoca’s strategic backers include Intel Capital, IDG Accel and Sun Hung Kai. Animoca also owns & partners with various incubators and accelerators including, Helix Hashgraph, Dappler Labs, and notable corporate partners which include HTC, Atari, iClick Interactive etc across various projects.


Artesian Venture Partners is Australia’s largest and most active early stage venture capital firm with over $250M FUM. Artesian has a unique, highly scalable, diversified portfolio approach to early stage venture capital investments, targeting both financial and strategic returns. Artesian invests in start-ups at seed, angel and growth stages in Australia, China and South East Asia. Artesian partners with leading accelerators, incubators, angel groups and university programs to develop a pre-screened and de-risked pipeline for larger later stage investments from its own late stage funds and also facilitates additional direct investments from its Limited Partners (LPs).


Accelerate your incubator, accelerator, or investment company!

If you have any questions, feel free to talk to us now.