Brinc’s AI accelerator is designed to propel startups to the forefront of AI innovation and applications. This transformative 12-week journey bridges the gap between groundbreaking AI ideas and the vast market potential, connecting startups with relevant investors and commercial prospects in the region.

Our mission is to shape the future of AI by:

  • Providing tailored support to selected global startups so they can scale faster and reach their next fundraising round
  • Connecting startups from emerging and established markets to Asian capital and markets

Our team will support you all the way through to launch


100K USD


Who we're looking for

We are actively seeking early-stage founders who are operating at the intersection of transformative AI solutions and practical applications. These innovators have the potential to redefine industries and shape the future of technological evolution across various sectors, including Healthcare, Supply Chain and Logistics, Web3, Climate Technology, Education Technology, and Retail.

Focus Areas

Including but not limited to:

  • Deep learning and neural networks
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its novel applications
  • AI in healthcare and diagnostics
  • Robotics and automation powered by AI
  • Ethical AI and transparent algorithm designs
  • AI-powered solutions for sustainable and smart cities


  • Registered business entity
  • A team with at least two dedicated founders
  • A developed prototype or MVP with initial user feedback or data

Evaluation Criteria

  • Potential to disrupt an industry with AI solutions
  • Technological depth and originality
  • Ethical considerations and societal benefits of the AI solution

How startups benefit

Activate a Global Network

Gain knowledge from top-tier industry professionals from specific industry sectors to ensure your AI solutions are not just innovative but also industry-relevant.

AI-focused Funding Approach

Receive coaching on your pitch, storytelling, and clarity on what investors are looking for. Opportunities to pitch and be spotlighted at events during and after the program.


Direct Access to Real-World AI Applications

Engage with a vast ecosystem that bridges the theoretical and practical aspects of AI. This includes not just investors but also access to datasets, computational resources, and potential pilot projects with our partners.

Tailored Pathways

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our curriculum is adapted to the unique needs of your startup, ensuring you get the support that aligns with your specific challenges and goals, even after the program concludes.

Curriculum highlights

  • Engage in one-on-one meetings with AI thought leaders, trailblazers in verticals like Healthcare, Web3, and EdTech, and domain-specific experts tailored to your startup’s focus.
  • Navigating AI-specific Challenges: Navigate and address core issues unique to AI, including data rights and privacy, algorithm transparency, and ethical considerations, alongside universal challenges like IP and supply chain management.
  • Business Strategy Enhancement: Reevaluate and sharpen your business model, targeting strategy, and financial projections in light of AI’s rapidly evolving landscape.
  • Commercialisation Through Corporate Partnerships: Seize the opportunity to collaborate with leading corporates, gain access to their expansive datasets, and explore mutual commercialisation avenues.

What to expect

Our Offer

  • Investment: Up to US$100,000, which is conditional on your company proceeding to the second stage of the application process. The investment amount is determined on a case-by-case basis in exchange for an equity alignment to the accelerator funding partner dependent on your company’s valuation
  • Program equity alignment in the form of advisory shares to Brinc of 2% in the capital of your company. While Brinc’s program equity alignment is mandatory, the actual allocation to Brinc is negotiable
  • Token grant of 2% of your company’s total token supply to Brinc (if applicable)

Terms & Coniditions

  • Brinc charges a program fee of US$35,000, typically payable only upon the full disbursement of the investment by the program’s investment partner. All startups participating in programs enter into an advisory share agreement with Brinc, aligned to long-term support by Brinc’s portfolio team.

  • While Brinc’s program equity alignment is mandatory, the actual allocation to Brinc is negotiable

  • Applicants can be based anywhere as the program is virtual

Ready to Apply?

Limited spaces available – The next round of reviews closes soon.

The Tipping Point of AI

The realm of Artificial Intelligence is no longer confined to research labs and science fiction. It’s reshaping industries, influencing policy decisions, and playing a pivotal role in societal transformations. Our focus areas represent the cutting-edge sectors where AI has shown promising potential, and where its application can be a game-changer.

With AI, we can anticipate disease outbreaks, enhance diagnostics, and personalize medical treatments. The potential to revolutionize patient care and medical research is immense.

AI promises efficiency, accuracy, and real-time decision-making capabilities, streamlining operations and transforming traditional supply chains into smart, adaptive systems.

Decentralized systems powered by AI offer transparency, security, and a user-centric internet, redefining digital identities and transactions.

Harnessing AI can lead to breakthroughs in sustainability, from optimizing resource use to predicting and mitigating environmental challenges.

AI-driven solutions are set to democratize education, personalize learning, and bridge global knowledge gaps.

From smart inventory management to hyper-personalized consumer experiences, AI is poised to redefine the shopping experience both online and offline.

In choosing these verticals, our aim is not just to be in tune with the current AI trends, but to catalyze and foster the innovations that will shape our collective future. 

select mentors & speakers

JJ Steely

JJ Steeley

Head of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, CarbonBuilt
Kai Martin_500x500

Kai Martin

Former Corporate Development Lead, Baker Hughes
Reilly O'Hara

Reilly O'Hara

Manager, Carbon Finance, CarbonCure Technology
Ted Christie-Miller

Ted Christie-Miller

Director of Carbon Removal, BeZero Carbon
Varsha Ramesh

Varsha Ramesh

CEO, Offstream


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