ZK Advancer is an accelerator program focused on global startups in the blockchain and Web3 space using new technologies and applications with real-world use cases.

As the exclusive accelerator partner of Animoca Brands, the 12-week virtual program aims to support the development of the global Web3 ecosystem by:

  • Providing tailored support to selected founders to help scale their growth and reach their next fundraising milestones;
  • Connecting startups from emerging and established markets to a global network.

Up to




Accelerator Funding Partners


Yat Siu

Yat Siu

Chairman, Animoca Brands
James Ho

James Ho

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Animoca Brands
Meet Brinc's mentor - Gabby Dizon

Gabby Dizon

Yield Guild Games, Founder
Timothy Enneking

Timothy Enneking

Digital Capital Management, Founder and Principal
Babu SK

Babu SK

Founding Partner, True Global Ventures (TGV4Plus)
Leah Callon Butler_Director_Emfarsis

Leah Callon-Butler

Director, Emfarsis
Alex Scott

Alex Scott

Co-Founder, River Ventures
Qingwen Ren

Qingwen Ren

Co-Founder & Partner, Mulana Capital
Jens Willemen

Jens Willemen

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Kairon Labs
Hristo Piyankov

Hristo Piyankov

Lead Economist, Findas Ltd

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Who we're looking for

We are looking for early-stage founders pioneering decentralized technologies across sectors, fostering innovation in blockchain applications and contributing to the global Web3 ecosystem.

Mass Adoption


Projects driving real-world integration via NFT ticketing, loyalty platforms, and CRM analytics tools.

Decentralized Infrastructure

Innovations in peer-to-peer storage, decentralized identities, and interoperability protocols.

Enterprise Applications

Solutions for enhanced productivity, management tools, and smooth enterprise transition to the Web3 ecosystem.

How startups benefit

A Proven Framework

Learn the skills to succeed, based on our experience funding 200+ startups from 37 countries over the past nine years.

Tailored Mentorship

Receive one-on-one feedback and actionable advice from experienced founders, program partners and investors.

Investor Access

Specialized workshops aimed at refining your pitch, financials, and business strategy together with access to a diverse range of investors and opportunities to pitch.

A Global Network

Connect with an extensive global community of industry experts and fellow entrepreneurs and receive ongoing support as you continue to build and grow your business after the program ends.

Curriculum highlights

  • Formulate a viable fundraising strategy and related assets
  • Investor match-making and pitch practice
  • Cash flow and financial modeling
  • Data room and reporting
  • Term sheet & contract negotiations
  • Exploring the market landscape
  • Business development and go-to-market strategy
  • Token design & community building tactics
  • Develop a clear messaging and branding strategy
  • Understand what key business metrics best communicate progress
  • IP strategy and roadmap
  • Recruitment and people management for remote or distributed teams
  • Founder wellness and leadership coaching
  • Navigating uncertainties and changes in the startup journey
  • Scaling and growth strategies

What to expect

Our Offer

  • Investment: Up to US$150,000, which is conditional on your company proceeding to the second stage of the application process. The investment amount is determined on a case-by-case basis in exchange for an equity alignment to the accelerator funding partner dependent on your company’s valuation
  • Program equity alignment in the form of advisory shares to Brinc of 2% in the capital of your company. While Brinc’s program equity alignment is mandatory, the actual allocation to Brinc is negotiable
  • Token grant of 2% of your company’s total token supply to Brinc (if applicable)


  • Must have developed a minimum viable product (MVP) that fits within our interest areas
  • At least two co-founders with relevant industry

Evaluation Criteria

  • Clear market fit and roadmap for growth
  • Uniqueness and innovation of solutions, looking for novel applications and groundbreaking concepts

Terms & Conditions

  • Brinc charges a program fee of US$35,000, typically payable only upon the full disbursement of the investment by the program’s investment partner. All startups participating in programs enter into an advisory share agreement with Brinc, aligned to long-term support by Brinc’s portfolio team.

  • While Brinc’s program equity alignment is mandatory, the actual allocation to Brinc is negotiable.

  • Applicants can be based anywhere as the program is virtual.

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