Brinc announces new investment partner, New Territory Ventures, for FoodTech & Logistics Accelerator Programs



Brinc announces a new investment partner, New Territory Ventures, that will invest in growth-stage startups from Germany, North America and Southeast Asia, participating in Brinc’s FoodTech and Logistics Accelerator Programs.

New Territory Ventures is a newly founded Hong Kong and San Francisco based early-stage venture capital firm supporting exceptional entrepreneurs with a focus on food tech and supply chain innovation. Their existing portfolio includes Milkrun, Uber, Liquid Death, and alternative protein company, Legendairy Foods, amongst other food & supply chain innovation companies. The team is led by Managing Partner, Maximilian von Poelnitz, and Partner, Sam Gellman.

Maximilian is an entrepreneur, investor, and startup advisor, who launched his first startup in 2011. By 2015, Max’s third venture, NOSH, was funded by Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund as well as Delivery Hero SE; ultimately it was acquired by a Chinese conglomerate. Sam has extensive experience in fundamental equity research and unparalleled operational experience as Uber’s first employee outside of North America. He led and scaled Uber’s expansion globally.

“The food tech and supply chain space continue to evolve rapidly and we’ve seen extreme adoption of new technologies in 2020 alone. We are excited to partner with Brinc to help discover the next team of entrepreneurs working on problems that will help shape our world for decades to come,” said Max von Poelnitz, Managing Partner of New Territory Ventures.

Brinc’s 3-month accelerator programs operate virtually twice a year. Accepted startups will receive a cash investment of USD $80,000 and go through a custom-designed curriculum to help them navigate typical points of failure in the industry and reach noteworthy milestones. Teams will have access to Brinc and New Territory Venture’s growing network of partners within the Food & Logistics industries, and a major program objective will be to help them explore and secure commercial opportunities with leading corporates in the field. Furthermore, participating startups will benefit from Brinc’s global network of later-stage investors and will receive a startup perks package valued at over USD $250,000.

Brinc’s partnership with New Territory Ventures will increase the support that is provided to startups through the integration of both their networks, expertise and on-going support. Post-program, Brinc will continue to support startup growth through business development and capital raising guidance, and ensure a deep connection to the growing Brinc family of founders. Startups that demonstrate traction will also have the opportunity to receive follow-on investments from New Territory Ventures and from Brinc’s global network of co-investors.

“We are excited to partner with New Territory Ventures to find the next generation of FoodTech and Logistics founders that can solve problems that truly matter. We believe New Territory Ventures will add direct value to the invested startups as a strategic investor, with their combined experience being both entrepreneurs and investors,” said Guillermo Ginesta, Managing Director of Brinc Hong Kong.

The food-tech industry is crucial to the well-being of ourselves and our planet. It has a unique role in our growing economy, left with no choice but to be prepared for unexpected challenges since, after all, their customer base is the entire population. According to the United Nations, food production would need to grow by as much as 70% from 2010 to 2050 to meet the needs of 9.7 billion people by the end of 2050. This growth will face a multitude of challenges due to changing global trends such as globalization, regulation, safety and efficiency acting as leading variables in food supply chain management. Consumers have an increasing taste for sustainability and the desire to reduce environmental impact, giving food producers and manufacturers additional obstacles. They need to provide end to end visibility of the process, prioritize food quality, safety, and security while keeping in mind the consequences to the environment and farmers.

In addition to existing foreseeable challenges, the urgency and momentum from Covid-19 open up an opportunity for the world to reevaluate the supply chain infrastructure. Supply chain disruptions were a result of policies implemented to contain the spread of the virus, leading to labour shortages and processing plant closures.

Keeping future resilience in mind, Brinc and New Territory Ventures believe that innovation within this sector is vital. The program will aim to find deals in logistics & supply chain, and the future of food including agritech, plant-based proteins, cellular agriculture, fermentation and novel ingredients.

Brinc is not new to this space with a portfolio of over 60 companies in the AgriFood and Logistics spaces, including alternative protein & cellular agriculture as well as supply chain, further highlighting their commitment to driving a meaningful change to our global food systems through this new partnership. On average, Brinc portfolio teams raise USD $1.1M+ post-program through notable institutional investors and angels. Notable portfolio companies within their FoodTech and Logistics portfolios include Avant MeatsOrbillion BioBuytasker and STYCKR.

Together, Brinc & New Territory Ventures aim to find and support entrepreneurs that will drive the technology innovations needed for the Food Tech and Supply Chain industries.

Applications are now open for Brinc’s Spring Accelerator Programs. Apply now!



New Territory Ventures Introduction

New Territory Ventures is a group of entrepreneurs turned investors. Their fund focuses on funding early-stage entrepreneurs that are pioneering new food tech businesses. They are particularly interested in supply chain inefficiencies, food waste solutions, SAAS and the alternative protein space. At the core of their mission is to not just seed businesses but help entrepreneurs as they build teams, scale their business, and seek further funding. Learn more at


Brinc Introduction

Brinc is a different breed of venture capital and accelerator platform. Core to their business is the belief that some of the world’s biggest challenges can be solved by entrepreneurs, who they like to call GAME CHANGERS. Brinc believes that deep technology-focused startups can fundamentally change how we move, what we eat, how we feel and where we live for the better if they are given the right backing. That’s what Brinc believes they are here for. To support and mentor founders and their teams from across the world and provide investment to help them grow. Brinc currently operates twelve multi-disciplinary accelerator programs across six countries and has made 140+ investments. Learn more at


Guillermo Ginesta

Guillermo Ginesta

Guillermo is the Managing Director at Brinc Hong Kong. He heads up Brinc’s accelerator programs for Greater China and Hong Kong, and is responsible for the company’s corporate engagements, partnerships, and operations. Guillermo has over a decade of experience investing in startups and corporate innovation: as an angel investor, he has had two exits, and as a venture capitalist, he has invested in a growing portfolio of over 200 companies. Guillermo has also worked with some of the largest multinational companies in automotive, luxury, consumer electronics, food technology and financial services.

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