Brinc at Singapore International Agri-Food Week


Brinc recently took part in Singapore International Agri-Food Week 2022 (SIAW 22), an event that highlighted the latest innovations in supply chain resilience, urban food systems, sustainable proteins, and affordable nutrition; as well as providing global industry leaders with a platform to exchange ideas and support the building of a vibrant agri-food ecosystem in Asia.

During SIAW 22, Brinc representatives were present at both Asia-Food Startup Pitch Day and Asia-Pacific Agri Food Innovation Summit.

The week began with the Asia-Food Startup Pitch Day, an invite-only event that saw quick-fire pitches from new entrepreneurs breaking into the agri-food scene. This lively event saw Brinc’s FoodTech Program Manager Nicole Lee take the stage to moderate a panel with Brinc portfolio companies Avant Meats, CellX, Harmony, and Orbillion Bio. Along with discussing the current stage of industry developments, the panel touched on bear market opportunities and challenges, and Asia Pacific’s geographical advantages. Brinc portfolio companies Cellivate Technologies and JALA also presented at the same event.

The Asia-Pacific Agri Food Innovation Summit was a three-day event held at Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Singapore, where global innovators and investors from various stages and positions across the industry gathered to share ideas and work towards a secure, sustainable agrifood system in Asia. Brinc was proud to support as event sponsor, hosting a booth with Avant Meats, CellX, Orbillion Bio, and Harmony Baby Nutrition; and connecting with another 100+ startups and ecosystem players including portfolio companies HaoFood, Umami Meats and Magic Valley who also represented at the event.

Shirley Sze-To, Business Strategy and Operations Lead at Harmony, said “Food tech innovation requires collaboration among stakeholders across the ecosystem. We were pleased to connect with industry partners, regulators, and potential future customers at the AgriFood Innovation Summit. The feedback received instilled further confidence in the impact that we’re building. Harmony will be a game changer for parents looking for better infant nutrition.

“The Singapore Food Agency’s recent approvals open up a new avenue for food tech startups like us to disrupt the industry, while the keynotes and speaking panels opened up a level of transparency necessary for us to navigate through the pathway as we strive to obtain approval for the first recombinant human breast milk protein in infant formula.”

Brinc’s Nicole Lee remarked on how impressive and promising it was to see so many across the industry gathering and working together, noting that she felt a shared sense of purpose. Events like this build a sense of hope when forecasting how food tech can positively change the world, and Brinc is honored to be part of such a dedicated industry.

“Another highlight was meeting numerous portfolio founders and mentors, and seeing how much the space has developed in just three years”, Lee said. “Our week in Singapore has affirmed our commitment to the space, and we are excited to continue building our network for a more sustainable, equitable, and healthy food future.”



If you’re interested in learning more about the food tech industry or applying for Brinc’s Food Tech accelerator program, contact Nicole Lee at or apply online. Applications are now open until December 30, 2022.



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