Brinc @ DCENTRAL Miami


Brinc, alongside its Fall 2022 ZK Advancer and The Sandbox cohorts and some portfolio companies, made the journey over to Miami for an exciting few days of Web3 at DCENTRAL.

With the pandemic impacting any previous travel, it was a great opportunity for the founders to all get together and meet for the first time in person; not only to network amongst Brinc’s current and previous cohorts, but also to connect with other like-minded Web3 entrepreneurs to discuss current projects, hot topics, other industry trends and business trajectories.

DCENTRAL Miami was two days of Web3 buzz and excitement. Attracting over 5,000 people including creators, CEOs, CTOs, and the founders from all over the world. Brinc was proud to sponsor the event and highlight our new Web3 accelerator program offerings. Brinc team members including Edwin Lee, Andrew McCarthy, Nick Zieber from Hong Kong and Karim Banna from the MENA office were all in attendance to provide insight on Brinc’s programs and successful cohorts working in the Web3 space.

“A key highlight for Brinc in Miami was getting face-to-face meetings with accelerator teams on the current ZK Advancer and The Sandbox Metaverse cohorts” said Zieber. “Further, as booth sponsors, we got great exposure within the Web3 sphere, and the opportunity to meet founders and give insight into the value of Brinc’s accelerator programs. Our time in Miami was spent answering questions and building relationships, in turn resulting in increased quality and quantity of applications for our Web3 accelerator programs.”

Brinc also hosted breakout sessions specifically for our ZK Advancer and The Sandbox Metaverse accelerators. These sessions included in-person panel discussions and presentations with participants from Brinc’s current cohorts and portfolio companies including: 4pDAO, Edge of NFT, Enklu, Foundry Six, Immuse, Kola Labs, Lost Club Toys, MetaGameHub DAO, PZM-9, QXR Studios, Sky Meta, Smobler Studios, The Morpheus Project,, and VTVL.

The sessions brought in over 130 founders, entrepreneurs, and Web3 and metaverse enthusiasts to hear more about what each of the companies have been working on, their thoughts on the future of Web3, and how AI will shape the metaverse. These lively sessions provided opportunities for everyone to learn from each other and connect.

Between formal conferences and informative sessions, there were of course afterparties and networking opportunities. One such evening saw Brinc have the pleasure of joining The Sandbox x BLOND:ISH Abracadabra Event, which provided the team a great chance to network with attendees such as Arthur Madrid, CEO, and Mathieu Nouzareth, CEO USA of The Sandbox.

It was a pleasure to have the Brinc cohorts together to meet in person, network, and learn more about other industry trends. Brinc would like to thank everyone who made our time in Miami so memorable. We look forward to meeting up again and changing the future of Web3 and the metaverse together.



Applications for Brinc’s Spring 2023 ZK Advancer or The Sandbox Metaverse accelerator are now open! Please visit our website to find out more or apply online before December 30th!



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