Brinc Introduces ‘Co-Founder’, an AI-Powered Chatbot for Startups


  • Brinc introduces an AI-powered Google Chrome extension, Co-Founder, to provide answers to entrepreneurship-focused prompts via OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Brinc’s own extensive knowledge base
  • Brinc’s own LLM (large language model) covering its expertise across the life cycle of pre-seed to Series C startup company investments and building will complement OpenAI’s LLM
  • Co-Founder is currently in its Alpha phase, and interested parties are welcome to apply for access via this interest form


Brinc, a leading venture accelerator with a focus on sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation, announces the launch of Co-Founder, an AI-powered Google Chrome extension to guide pre-A-through growth stage businesses to understand blind spots and accelerate through personal & company developmental milestones.

Co-Founder, currently in its Alpha phase, is a functional large language model (LLM) with tailored prompts based on a startup’s stage of development. Co-Founder allows founders to identify and ask the right questions to get the right responses to further deep-dive into topics they may lack familiarity with, and utilize their new ‘Co-Founder’ as an external support system. Prompts include guidance on building business processes and streamlining workflow stages, when to seek investment and how to successfully go through the process of closing a round, defining clear go-to-market strategies across products and services, target persona development, assessing cash flow needs, how to seek direction on common legal pitfalls and much more.

Screenshot of the Co-Founder platform
Screenshot of the Co-Founder platform

Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, Co-Founder will also leverage Brinc’s own LLM developed through proprietary (but anonymized) data sources of data from the 1000s of companies Brinc has had the privilege of working with over the last decade. Utilizing Brinc’s years of experience working with startup founders, investment partners, and business mentors, Co-Founder is uniquely positioned to help early and growth-stage businesses navigate their industries better and provide relevant, tailored insights. Founders looking for a Co-Founder can apply to join the Alpha testing here.

The Beta phase, which will be available to the wider public, will incorporate user feedback through a native voting system to prioritize the launch of new features, improvements in the functionality and usability of the Alpha product. Brinc’s plan is to also include additional features to enhance prompts based on other public data sources, taking advantage of resources that Brinc has curated with mentors and investors in various business domains, improved data searches including multimedia resources, and other value-adds such as suggestions for other supporting services, and the drafting of documents such as pitch decks including key data to support decision making by institutional venture capitalists and redacted legal templates based on founders’ requirements.

Co-Founder signifies Brinc’s latest initiative to support aspiring entrepreneurs by harnessing AI’s capabilities in data organization, filtering, and natural language processing, along with Brinc’s extensive experience in impactful startup development. Brinc’s goal is to broaden the volume of companies it can support through Co-Founder and give impactful businesses the tools and guidance that can make the difference in success or failure at various stages of development.

“AI has already demonstrated capacity for numerous improvements in both personal and business lives,” said Manav Gupta, Founder and CEO of Brinc. “Infusing cutting-edge tools into startup support aligns with Brinc’s mission, and we will continue to explore ways to facilitate smoother and more impactful entrepreneurial journeys. With Co-Founder, we hope founders and businesses at different stages of development can easily find answers to their most pressing questions.”

Founders interested in trialling the current Alpha version of Co-Founder can apply for access here.



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