Brinc MENA’s Impact: Fostering An Innovation Ecosystem


Since the establishment of our office in 2018, Brinc MENA has actively played a key role in driving entrepreneurship and fostering innovation through our comprehensive accelerator programs. Through our multifaceted approach as a dynamic accelerator,  robust ecosystem builder and venture capital firm, we have empowered entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into scalable businesses.

Fostering Innovation

At Brinc MENA, we believe in creating an environment that encourages and nurtures innovation. We foster innovation in three key ways:

a) Accelerator Programs: We accelerate startups by providing them with the necessary resources, mentorship, and guidance to refine their ideas, develop viable business models, and scale their growth. We offer a structured curriculum, access to industry-specific experts, and connections to potential investors and partners.

b) Strategic Partnerships: We have established meaningful partnerships with renowned entities such as Batelco, McLaren, Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund, Omantel, NEOM Oxagon, and Tamkeen. These partnerships enable us to leverage their expertise, networks, and resources, further supporting the startups in our ecosystem.

c) Investment Opportunities: As a venture capital firm, we invest in promising startups, providing them with the necessary capital to scale their operations. Our investment approach is not limited to financial support but also includes strategic guidance and mentorship to ensure long-term success.


Facilitating Growth

Brinc MENA has witnessed several notable success stories resulting from our efforts. One of our biggest impacts to date is the successful growth and expansion of numerous startups that have gone through our accelerator programs. These startups have not only secured follow-on funding but have also created jobs, introduced innovative products and services, and contributed to economic growth in the region.

Additionally, our partnerships with leading organizations have facilitated the implementation of groundbreaking projects. For example, our collaboration with NEOM Oxagon in Saudi Arabia has supported the development of cutting-edge technologies and solutions in sectors such as agritech, robotics, and renewable energy.


Facing Challenges

While significant progress has been made, the current ecosystem landscape must tackle certain challenges. These include:

a) Access to Funding: Startups often struggle to secure adequate funding to fuel their growth. Bridging the funding gap and attracting more investment opportunities remain ongoing challenges.

b) Regulatory Frameworks: A strong regulatory landscape can both foster and hinder innovation. Facilitating supportive policies and regulations that encourage entrepreneurship and minimize bureaucratic hurdles is crucial for sustained ecosystem development.

c) Talent Development: Developing a skilled workforce with the necessary expertise in emerging technologies is essential. Addressing the talent gap and providing access to quality education and training programs are vital for ecosystem growth.


Building A Collaborative Ecosystem

Collaboration and co-creation among all stakeholders is paramount for fostering ecosystem development. Brinc MENA recognizes the importance of teamwork and actively engages with government entities, corporates, academic institutions, and industry experts to create a thriving and interconnected ecosystem.

By working together, stakeholders can pool resources, share knowledge, and leverage their networks to support startups and drive innovation. Collaboration enables the exchange of ideas, promotes cross-sector partnerships, and helps create a supportive environment that nurtures entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, collaboration facilitates the identification of emerging trends, market opportunities, and challenges, allowing stakeholders to collectively address them and provide tailored support to startups.


In Summary

Overall, Brinc MENA’s impact on the ecosystem landscape is evident through our comprehensive approach, strategic partnerships, and successful startup outcomes. By fostering innovation, providing resources, and promoting collaboration, we are driving entrepreneurship and laying the foundation for a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem in the MENA region.

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Yasin Aboudaoud

Yasin Aboudaoud

Yasin Aboudaoud is a Hong Kong-born entrepreneur who has been in the global trading business for over 12 years. As a co-founder of Ecico Group, he implemented projects and distributed to major companies in Europe and South America, and the MENA region. Focused on project management, Yasin has also led the development of premium hotels, residential compounds, and amusement parks.

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