Brinc Welcomes Four FoodTech Companies to its Portfolio


Brinc is excited to announce four innovative, game-changing food technology companies will be joining its portfolio. By joining the Brinc family, Bluana, Biocellion, Zero Cow Factory, and Meat the End will gain access to a growing base of mentors, investors, and corporate partners to help accelerate their go-to-market and achieve fundraising and commercial milestones.

These four companies are joining Brinc’s portfolio of over 200 companies, of which 48 are in the food technology space, using tech-driven solutions to solve deep-rooted inefficiencies across our food systems. They represent a movement to build a future generation of tastier, healthier, and more affordable alternative protein products.

“We remain committed in supporting companies who are helping drive a global transition to a greener, more ethical, and less carbon-intensive food system by transitioning away from animal agriculture. This new batch of investments highlights an industry that is maturing.” said Manav Gupta, Founder & CEO of Brinc.

The alt protein market is forecast to grow to US142.48 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 15.89%*. Brinc looks forward to its role in aiding the companies listed below in being a part of this transition.

Biocellion (United States) — Applying the science of computer modeling to the life sciences in order to speed up the commercial development of bioprocesses. Currently focused on the field of cultivated meat as the improvement of yield from bioreactors is existential for that market.

Bluana (Romania) — Developing plant-based sashimi with a molecular gastronomy approach. Their products include plant-based salmon and tuna sashimi.

Meat the End (Israel) — Developing and producing advanced texturized protein ingredients for the alternative meat industry. This B2B company’s patented technology reinvents traditional industrial extrusion to create real meat quality in planet-friendly products.

Zero Cow Factory (India) — Producing India’s first animal-free milk protein and dairy products by bioengineering microbes and using precision fermentation.



If you’re working on a food tech startup that aligns with Brinc’s mission, or interested in mentoring or investing in Brinc’s food tech startups, please complete the interest form here.

For more news on these companies and other game changers in Brinc’s portfolio, follow Brinc on LinkedIn.






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