GVFL and Brinc Enter Strategic Partnership to Launch Multi-sector Startup Accelerator


  • Applications to the Brinc x GVFL A4X Accelerator program are open now
  • GVFL will invest between INR 1.5 crore to 2 crore in each startup. The technology program partner, Microsoft for startups, will provide a range of credits and services to eligible participating teams valued at up to US$350,000
  • Up to 45 startups will be accepted over a three-year period
  • Sectors of interest are D2C businesses, Consumer SaaS, Enterprise SaaS, Industrial IoT, Blockchain, AI, Alternate Protein, Climate tech & Sustainability, and Electric Mobility


Brinc, a global venture accelerator with a focus on innovative technologies, and GVFL Limited (GVFL), one of the oldest sector agnostic venture capital firms in the country, announce the launch of the A4X accelerator program. Designed to support startups across the following four strategic themes, the programs are set to leverage growth in Gujarat and the rest of India. The 4 programs will cover:

  1. Consumer: Supporting startups (D2C businesses, consumer SaaS applications and more) that address the consumption boom and increased demand for convenience, personalized products, and tailored experiences. 
  2. Industry & Enterprise: Supporting startups (Enterprise SaaS, Industrial IoT and more) that provide industrial and enterprise solutions that drive operational efficiencies and increased productivity. 
  3. Emerging Tech: Supporting startups and emerging technologies (Blockchain applications, AI applications and more) that are shaping the next wave of technological innovation. The world is witnessing a technology revolution with breakthroughs in AI, ML, IoT, Robotics, Blockchain and more. The focus on emerging technologies enables participation in the next wave of technological innovation, as well as creating high-tech jobs, and catalyzing the formation of a globally competitive tech ecosystem in Gujarat.
  4. Sustainability: Supporting startups (Alternate Protein, Climate Tech, Electric Mobility and more) that align with global sustainability goals and cater to a rapidly expanding “green” market. Climate change and environmental concerns are gaining global attention, investing in solutions promoting planet efficiencies is both a necessity and an opportunity. The program aims to support startups that align with global sustainability goals and cater to a rapidly expanding “green” market, contributing to Gujarat’s transition towards a greener economy.


Drawing inspiration from GVFL’s legacy of building successful businesses and Brinc’s expertise in nurturing entrepreneurial talent, the program promises:

  • A launchpad for disruptive startups aiming to revolutionize their respective industries.
  • A 3-month intensive acceleration phase, offering startups access to invaluable resources, mentorship from industry stalwarts, and an initial investment ranging from ₹1.5 crore to ₹2 crores.
  • Expert mentorship, investor connects, industry networking opportunities, and a supportive community of founders for collaboration and peer-to-peer learning.


Speaking on these developments, Kamal Bansal, MD of GVFL said “The accelerator program, set against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving technological and environmental landscape, is poised to be a catalyst for startups venturing into these diverse domains.”

The program aims to empower startups with the tools and insights needed to navigate their respective sectors effectively. The accelerator program will also provide unparalleled mentorship from industry veterans, ensuring startups harness best practices and avoid common pitfalls, and facilitating networking opportunities with industry leaders and potential collaborators.

Mihir Joshi, President of GVFL said “GVFL’s approach has been providing a broad-spectrum of support to its funded entities that ranges from strategic direction to governance support. Partnering with Brinc empowers us to extend GVFL’s ethos to seed stage investing & provide strategic value apart from capital to promising startups”

Karan Keswani, Managing Director, Brinc India said, “Both GVFL and Brinc share a vision of fostering innovation across multiple sectors, recognizing the interconnectedness of today’s challenges and opportunities. Our combined expertise and resources promise to offer startups a unique platform to scale and make a significant impact.”

Startups participating in the program will benefit from a holistic approach, encompassing mentorship, access to a global network, and tailored strategies for each sector. This collaboration between GVFL and Brinc is set to propel promising startups to the forefront of their respective industries.


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