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Brinc is a different breed of venture capital and accelerator firm — where industry experts play a key role

Most of the world’s most pressing challenges can be solved by motivated and driven founders, committed to making a positive impact if they are given the right backing. Brinc’s flagship accelerator programs are designed to do just that — to empower and support game changers that will fundamentally change our world for the better.

Brinc’s accelerator programs are tailored to provide founders with the necessary support, curriculum, and mentorship to help them succeed. Brinc has a proven track record of investing in almost 200 companies originating from more than 38 countries.

It takes a lot to create a successful startup, and that’s why Brinc’s programs are backed and supported by industry leaders and renowned experts. These incredible mentors provide office hours and work directly with the founders, ensuring that the accelerators scale efficiently and startups benefit by learning from the best in the business, all the way from the inception of a cohort through to Demo Day. On top of our industry experts and dedicated mentors for each startup, Brinc programs have a support network of over 300 mentors to support founders on specific issues.



Brinc Industry Experts and Mentors

Looking at 2021 and beyond, Brinc is excited to introduce their newest industry mentors within the Smart City, PropTech, Logistics, Mobility and FoodTech industries.


Jordan Kostelac — Smart Cities and PropTech expert

Jordan Kostelac — Smart Cities & PropTech Mentor

Jordan Kostelac focuses on solving challenges in real estate at JLL through the creation and deployment of Property Technology (PropTech) platforms for the Asia Pacific region. Working with both internal and external stakeholders, he guides the exploration of how technology can positively disrupt built environments. Jordan worked for 12 years in FMCG operations management and later process improvement consulting. Since joining JLL, he has worked as a workplace strategy and change management consultant for many of JLL’s largest global clients.


Marco Hazan — Logistics and Supply Chain expert

Marco Hazan — Logistics Mentor

Marco Hazan is a serial entrepreneur formed as a Civil Industrial Engineer with 20+ years of international experience through the industries of management consulting, retail operations, logistics and real estate. With past-experiences working for large-scale public companies in South America and Asia, he is now involved in various different projects. He is the Managing Director at BOHK Logistics, a Supply Chain solutions provider — 4PL logistic integrator company based in Hong Kong, and also a partner at SPARX Logistics for the South America region. He acts as Director for Empresas Yoemar, a family-owned business developing real estate projects in Chile. Marco also acts as Director of International Relations for the Global MBA program of its alma mater, the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Chile and participates in the Mining Industry version of the MBA for the same school. He was the first elected Chairman of the Chilean Business Association of Hong Kong and Macau, the representative body of the Chilean private business community in these two special administrative regions of China. Marco has also been involved in various non-profit and charitable organizations in Chile and Hong Kong. Marco spends his time in between Chile and Asia but nowadays his family is based in Santiago, Chile.


Castor Hui — Smart City and Mobility Expert

Castor Hui — Smart City & Mobility Mentor

Castor is not your traditional corporate guy. He has been on a mission over the past 16 years as an undercover entrepreneur, helping firms across China, Japan, Middle East, UK and North America identify new growth opportunities. From launching products, services, to new business operations, his journey has been filled with ups and downs of working with some of the greatest entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who have shaped his thinking and approach to growing an organization. His ambition is to help companies overcome internal and external challenges to achieve the next milestone for growth. Having lived through the growing pains of the entire corporate life-cycle (early-stage, growth phase, divesting, and M&A) in small, medium, and global public enterprises, he possesses a unique understanding of various business environments yielding a strong ability to think strategically, lead cross-cultural teams, and drive results through advanced analytics. As a mentor for Brinc, Castor is thrilled at the opportunity to reconnect with entrepreneurs and to share his experience about building products, services, or business from the ground up.


Elena Sofia Inguglia — Food Tech Expert

Elena Sofia Inguglia — Food Mentor / Brinc Food Scientist

Elena is an internationally trained food scientist with a MSc. in Microbiology and a PhD in Food Technology. Her major areas of expertise are the application and optimization of novel processing technologies — e.g. high-pressure processing, pulse electric field — for food safety and preservation. She is also experienced in working with functional and novel clean label ingredients — specifically for salt/fat reduction, removal of additives and formulation of protein-rich foods. She is happy to discuss and provide support around food processing, product development, sensory & quality aspects of food as well as food safety, shelf-life stability and use of novel ingredients.


Alfred Cheung — Food Tech Expert

Alfred Cheung — Food Mentor

Alfred has 40+ years of executive, strategic and general management experiences in R&D, quality management, manufacturing, food safety and business development including hands-on product development with Fortune 100 FMCG food companies in the US at Nestle, ConAgra, Kraft, Heinz, and many more. Alfred also held executive posts and consulting positions with Coca-Cola and KFC in Asia, and was a director at a US Government agency. He has developed and successfully launched dozens of food products in the global markets and is at present a principal consultant/advisor for food companies. He teaches and is well known with interests in applied research to commercialize the latest technology in food science to benefit consumers worldwide. He is a lecturer at the University of Hong Kong and a visiting professor at Jinan University in China. He also was the founding Vice-Chairman and Expert Panel Member at the Hong Kong Food Science and Technology Association.



If you would like to learn more about engaging with our startups as a Brinc Mentor, please fill out this form.

If you are a gamechanger that wants to solve an important problem, and you’d like the support of these amazing industry leaders amongst Brinc’s network of over 300 mentors, please make sure to apply to the Spring 2021 accelerator programs here.


Guillermo Ginesta

Guillermo Ginesta

Guillermo is the Managing Director at Brinc Hong Kong. He heads up Brinc’s accelerator programs for Greater China and Hong Kong, and is responsible for the company’s corporate engagements, partnerships, and operations. Guillermo has over a decade of experience investing in startups and corporate innovation: as an angel investor, he has had two exits, and as a venture capitalist, he has invested in a growing portfolio of over 200 companies. Guillermo has also worked with some of the largest multinational companies in automotive, luxury, consumer electronics, food technology and financial services.

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