Polkadot Blockchain Academy and Brinc Host Web3 Pitch Week


Brinc is pleased to announce the upcoming Brinc and Polkadot Blockchain Academy Web3 Pitch Week, set to take place from July 3rd to July 5th, 2024. The demo days will run daily from 12 pm to 1 pm UTC (8 pm to 9 pm HKT). 

Over the course of three days, 24 startups will present their Web3 solutions across DeFi, Consumer, and Infrastructure applications. Each day will feature eight teams pitching their projects, with a five-minute presentation followed by a two to three-minute Q&A session.

Brinc’s Web3 accelerator program, which began in 2021 with the ZK Advancer program in partnership with Animoca Brands, have supported over 60 Web3 businesses spanning diverse sectors such as DeFi, gaming, infrastructure, MedTech, entertainment, and enterprise applications. By combining the robust investor networks of both Polkadot and Brinc, this event aims to maximize exposure for these startups, potentially leading to significant introductions and investments. This is an exceptional opportunity for founders to pitch their products to a large, engaged audience, gather valuable feedback, and refine their presentations.

“The Polkadot Blockchain Academy is the first of its kind — a classroom-based educational program for software developers which teaches the conceptual underpinnings and the hands-on application of blockchain technology, including content focussed on Polkadot and associated technologies,” says Tim Dobie, Director at Polkadot Blockchain Academy. “The Academy team is excited to collaborate with Brinc to showcase some of the projects which have benefitted from, or have spawned from previous academy waves. We have worked with Brinc previously to bring an Alumni project to their accelerator program and we are excited to further our collaboration.”

Investors, entrepreneurs, and anyone passionate about the future of decentralization are encouraged to attend. This is a unique opportunity to engage with promising Web3 startups and witness firsthand innovations that are shaping the future.

Secure your spot today to attend the Brinc and Polkadot Blockchain Academy Web3 Pitch Week. For more information and to register, please visit the official event page.

Participating Teams

From Brinc:

FRNZY (Consumer) FRNZY is an innovative live P2P shopping platform that enables its users to discover, connect, buy, and sell live on one app. This is combined with its unique blend of competitive auction dynamics, profitable flipping opportunities, and rewards for user engagement.

AEM Algorithm (Enterprise) AEM Algorithm is a full-service on-chain accounting solution integrating seamlessly with the likes of Xero and Quickbooks for B2B solutions. The company focuses on making cryptocurrency accounting accessible and manageable.

Lendr Network (DeFi) Lendr Network offers fully decentralized real-world asset (RWA) index tokens representing any asset class. Lendr offers investors inflation protection, diversification, and the ability to participate in DeFi protocols with RWAs like real estate, gold, and various indexes such as technology, healthcare, and more.

Spectre.Finance (DeFi) Spectre.Finance is the first decentralized proprietary trading protocol that allows traders to trade with on-chain leverage. Its main objective is to unlock liquidity for aspiring crypto traders while providing aggregated yields for liquidity providers.

ZeroCodeLabs (Consumer) ZeroCodeLabs and Presence Protocol are transforming social commerce, connecting individuals and local businesses by driving foot traffic with its geolocated AI engine and boosting direct sales with blockchain-enabled secure transfers and reward incentives.

Nyayomat (DeFi) Nyayomat is a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Platform for the B2B segment in Africa. This platform allows merchants to access working capital from product partners, with a current focus on F&B and the opportunity to expand and cover the entire supply chain for the FMCG market in Africa.

Cyber Genie (SocialFi) Cyber Genie is a mobile-first matching marketplace that lets creators and professionals monetize their knowledge and connect with experts based on value. Users can define their skill set, swipe, and match with other users to provide their services and earn tokens along the way.

DROP System (Loyalty) DROP System is a web3 loyalty marketplace that allows users to earn from groceries and redeem rewards from lifestyle brands. The platform makes it happen by tokenizing loyalty points to align merchants’ interests, solving current centralized loyalty problems through blockchain, and creating a community-owned ecosystem.

zeLoop (Consumer) ZeLoop is the first circular economy platform that rewards eco-friendly behaviors and connects sustainability stakeholders through its proprietary Impact-to-Earn mechanism.

doWow (Consumer) doWow is a platform that leverages AI and blockchain to broadcast, verify, and monetize content that is truly personalized and accessible to everyone across physical and virtual environments.

Astra (Consumer) Astra is a retail tech VR startup enabling shoppers to discover, customize, and interact with fashion even before production. Retailers can generate, tokenize, and showcase designs in VR, where consumers can try on and pre-order personalized clothes.

Admeal (Consumer) Admeal is a social interactive marketplace that bridges brands and consumers in a gamified way through tokenized collectibles.

From Polkadot Blockchain Academy:

dApp Forge (Developer Tooling) is an AI-powered plug-in for Polkadot developers that reduces development time.

Linked Car (DePin/Infrastructure) is a Blockchain platform purpose-built to reclaim vehicle data ownership for drivers and facilitate monetization opportunities for all participants within the ecosystem.

Kylix Finance (DeFi) is an advanced DeFi lending platform with a shared infrastructure for on-chain collateral liquidation.

KwickBit (Infrastructure/Crypto Payments) is the stripe of crypto, enabling merchants to accept crypto payments.

OneRamp (On/Off Ramp) is a bidirectional FIAT/crypto ramp for Sub-Saharan Africa using mobile money, the go-to payment system in the region that relies on SMS and doesn’t require a bank account (over half the population is unbanked).

Portal (dApp Infrastructure) tackles the fragmentation in Polkadot’s ecosystem with a portal that auto-topups balances for integrating web3 services/parachains and provides dApp analytics.

Babel (Infrastructure) is a smart contract platform with inter-VM communication, enabling EVM- & Cosmos wallets to manage accounts on the Portal parachain. Any supported wallet can be used for any smart contract, whether EVM, Cosmos, or Rust-based.

True Network (Reputation) is the reputation system of the internet. It functions as a novel framework for reputation-based systems.

DotCodeSchool (Developer Education/Onboarding) is an interactive online coding school for hands-on learning. It is the fastest path to learn how to build meaningful web3 applications from 0 to 100.

Xcavate (DeFi) eliminates the need for trust through a modular protocol that delivers trustless tokenized real estate assets secured by Polkadot.

About Polkadot Blockchain Academy

The Polkadot Blockchain Academy aims to support Polkadot’s journey to success by nurturing a strong developer community and providing essential educational resources. Its educational program covers the conceptual underpinnings and the hands-on application of blockchain technology.

Since its conception under the vision and leadership of Gavin Wood in summer of 2022, the Academy has delivered five, one month long, in-person programs in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, training over 400 developers.




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