Twelve new startups join Brinc’s Accelerator Program in Hong Kong



Brinc accepted 12 startups in 2020 to join its Fall 2020 Hardware & IoTFood Technology, and Logistics Accelerator Programs. This is a delayed post as we’ve been busy working with the teams.

As always, Brinc is excited to help these game-changer founders solve some of the world’s biggest problems through their technology solutions. Brinc is looking forward to being able to support a new batch of startups in the areas where we are most passionate about and believe will drive the most sustainable impact to the planet, while delivering against our thesis of driving profit with purpose.


Here’s a quick rundown of the startups who have joined the Brinc family:



Buytasker (UK) — Buytasker makes it possible to manage customers, communications, apps, shipments, and customs filing using one interoperable UI platform and developer API. It’s designed so all the world’s supply chain systems can work together on a single network platform. The UK’s first cloud-based Freight Management SaaS product offering interoperable system connectivity and extensibility at a low cost, whilst empowering development teams with a modern scalable integration toolkit.



LiberaTrade (HK) — LiberaTrade is revolutionizing emerging market consumer goods supply chains, by predicting demand and driving continuous optimisation of upstream logistics to grow sales while reducing operating expenses more than 10%. The Liberatrade platform makes Supply Chain AI accessible for all retail enterprises in Asia by combining data-driven products for revenue growth, inventory optimisation, and access to supplier financing through SaaS.



Nonnatech (US) — Nonnatech’s patented IoT-based platform is composed of specialized monitoring capabilities connected to a proprietary data and analytics platform designed to detect early changes in health status or a chronic health condition, where the early intervention will prevent more expensive upstream care such as an avoidable hospitalization or ED visit. Their solution allows professionals a more efficient way to care for their patients and allows for a higher caseload per clinician, reducing overall costs.



Rebolet (Switzerland) — On average, 15% of the items sold online are returned or simply never sell, causing high financial loss and tons of waste. Rebolet provides an all-in-one reselling service for e-commerce returns and overstock. They are helping e-commerce to be more profitable and sustainable by processing, analysing, and reselling returns and overstock through their SaaS Platform.

Sensegrass (US) — Sensegrass is a soil intelligence platform that helps companies and farmers reduce excessive resource use through real-time soil health analysis (NPK) using a patented NPK sensor and Artificial Intelligence Agronomist. This helps companies grow higher, healthier and faster, with better resource utilisation, achieving a 38% fertiliser and water improvement, with an average of a 22% yield improvement.

Harmony (US) — Harmony is an MIT-based FoodTech company providing the next generation of baby formulas, which contains human breast milk proteins as the base instead of cow’s milk. Their formulas are dairy-free, allergy-free, environmentally friendly and impact the whole baby food industry by changing the main structure of current baby products.

KYF (US) — KYF produces plant-based, frozen healthier fast-food alternatives for kids aged 9–17. Their business model puts marketing and a strong brand first, and they are the first in the market to create plant-based products speaking directly to a tech native generation.



More Foods (Israel) — More Foods is dedicated to eliminating the use of animals in our food system by creating novel food products, the first being a plant-based beef strip. Rather than using traditional plant-based ingredients such as pea and soy, their products are yeast-based and highly texturized.



Raging Pig (Sweden) — Producers of healthy and sustainable plant-based meat for generation WHY, driving the change our world needed yesterday. Merging FoodTech, activism and lifestyle to become an obvious part of pop culture, they have rolled out their first product — a vegan bacon seasoning to the market.

Rainfed Foods (Canada) — Rainfed Foods is an alternative dairy startup created to address climate change and animal welfare issues in the traditional dairy industry. Starting with millet-based milk, they are creating products that are indistinguishable from dairy in taste, quality and nutrition. Their mission is to redefine the future of dairy by using the most sustainable future food crops, such as millets.

Sova Health (Singapore) — Sova Health is a precision nutrition platform that personalizes individual needs based on AI-driven blood analysis. They simplify healthy eating through a combination of cutting-edge biomarker diagnostics and evidence-based recommendations leading to safe and measurable results.



Upfood (Denmark) — Upfood’s mission is to upcycle surplus food at primary production and side streams from industrial food production. By using its proprietary drying technologies, Upfood can preserve surplus produce right at the source and repurpose it into nutritious, shelf-stable dried food ingredients sustainably and at competitive costs.



If you are interested in connecting with any of the startups or becoming a program partner, please email Guillermo Ginesta (


Apply now at

Brinc’s GBA Accelerator Program is a 100% online 3-month accelerator, that is uniquely designed to support global startups that have fully developed technology solutions and are ready for commercialization.

The program provides an investment of up to $80,000 USD into each startup accepted. Brinc will support the teams to facilitate commercial agreements, to help scope and secure pilots/POCs, while also opening up growth opportunities locally and internationally for companies. Upon completion of the program, Brinc will continue to support company growth through business development, provide capital raising guidance, and ensure a deep connection to the growing Brinc family of founders globally.

Brinc accepts startups twice a year (Spring & Fall) into the program. New teams will be onboarded as each cohort begins. For more information on the program, visit the overview here.



Brinc is a different breed of venture capital and accelerator platform. Core to our business is the belief that some of the world’s biggest challenges can be solved by entrepreneurs, who we like to call GAME CHANGERS. We believe that deep technology-focused startups can fundamentally change how we move, what we eat, how we feel and where we live for the better if they are given the right backing. That’s what we at Brinc believe are here for. To support and mentor founders and their teams from across the world and provide investment to help them grow. We currently operate twelve multi-disciplinary accelerator programs across six countries and have made 150+ investments.

Learn more:


Guillermo Ginesta

Guillermo Ginesta

Guillermo is the Managing Director at Brinc Hong Kong. He heads up Brinc’s accelerator programs for Greater China and Hong Kong, and is responsible for the company’s corporate engagements, partnerships, and operations. Guillermo has over a decade of experience investing in startups and corporate innovation: as an angel investor, he has had two exits, and as a venture capitalist, he has invested in a growing portfolio of over 200 companies. Guillermo has also worked with some of the largest multinational companies in automotive, luxury, consumer electronics, food technology and financial services.

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