YGG Web3 Games Summit at BGC, Manila: A Brinc Recap


Between November 18 and 25,  the world’s first and biggest Web3 gaming build and Brinc’s Gaming ecosystem partner, Yield Guild Games, hosted a summit at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Manila, welcoming over 90 speakers and 5,000 gamers. Through a diverse series of engagements – the Web3 Game Jam, Game Conference, and Expo & Convention – they showcased a range of talent and covered a variety of crucial topics such as gaming guilds, investments, user acquisition (UA) in gaming and the improving quality of Web3 games.

James Park, Associate Program Manager at Brinc, relays his on-the-ground perspective of what took place at the summit in Philippines, including stand-out games, developments, and the growing potential of Philippine’s gaming ecosystem. 

Main Events

Web3 Game Jam

The summit kicked off with over 200 builders participating in a Web3 Game Jam at STI (Systems Technology Institute), BGC. As a judge for the Finals, I had the privilege of attending and witnessing the impressive achievements made within just 24 hours. Several teams managed to develop basic-feature, complete casual games including dungeon crawlers, platformers, and arcade-style games. The Philippines is known for its outsourcing capabilities, and many teams, including students, demonstrated their talent, further validating the country’s reputation in this space. 

Web3 Game Conference

The conference spanned two days and brought together notable figures from the Web3, Gaming, and Philippines’ local industry. Showcasing a number of in-development Web3 titles, speakers from across the globe covered key topics such as crypto regulation, gaming guilds, investments in gaming, and esports. The on-stage game showcases highlighted significant, soon-to-be launched advancements in quality for Web3 games. The titles presented reflected this, creating a palpable sense of excitement from the crowd. 

Web3 Games Expo & Convention

The Web3 Games Expo & Convention, held over three days, was a public-facing event that allowed attendees the chance to witness game demos, show matches, tournaments, and community events. A small expo area accommodated approximately 25 booths, showcasing the latest game builds and offering playtests to a predominantly young Filipino gamer crowd. The range of titles in development varied from AAA-/AA- quality games like Metacene, Ragnarok Landverse, Riftstorm, and Parallel to more casual games such as Arcadia by OP Games, Sunflower Land, and Mighty Action Heroes. The expo served not only as a showcase but also as an opportunity to onboard local users, with each booth offering different rewards and merchandise for those who engaged with their games.

Brinc Gaming Community at the YGG Web 3 Games Summit

Mark Engelhardt is the co-founder of AMG DAO (Brinc Gaming Summer 23 Cohort), the European regional partner of YGG, and one of Brinc’s latest graduates. Mark spoke on the Modding and UGC: Community Based Game Development panel alongside founders from Spacebar, BreederDAO, and ParagonsDAO Foundation sharing his thoughts and vision on modding in Web3 gaming and how user-led content production could pave the way for greater adoption. 

It was excellent to re-connect with Mark after the Brinc Investor Breakfast that was hosted in Singapore as the “graduation event” of the Brinc Summer 23 Cohort.

Corey Wilton, co-founder & CEO of Mirai Labs, is not only a mentor for the Brinc Gaming program but also plays a vanguard role in Web3 gaming at Mirai Labs, having developed and launched Pegaxy. At the YGG Summit, he took the opportunity to unveil Mirai’s latest offerings in the epicenter of the play-to-earn movement, the Philippines. This included the introduction of Mirai Chain, the Mirai App (a mobile MPC wallet available in app stores), and their newest game Petopia (accessible globally in app stores), along with several other infrastructure products. The reception Corey received was phenomenal, and the energy in the Philippines was insane, as always!

Corey is an amazing visionary in the Web3 gaming space and his industry insights really shine through upon every conversation I have with him (we really dug deep on the problem of user acquisition in Web3 Gaming – see below). 

Key Takeaways

User Acquisition in Web3 Gaming

A recurring topic throughout the conference revolved around the challenges and costs associated with user acquisition in Web3 gaming. The general consensus was that a definitive solution to this problem has yet to be developed.

Chris Caledron, co-founder of UA platform Superfine, highlighted the current difficulty in onboarding users to Web3 but expressed optimism about advancements in AI and blockchain technology, which could enable developers to effectively reach audiences across multiple channels.

Gabby Dizon, co-founder of YGG, emphasized the importance of Web3 quests and the role of guilds in educating and generating traction for UA. 

Juntaro Iwase from blockchain-game developer Sky Mavis stressed the significance of tracking and measuring growth metrics in UA and, advocated for Web3 quests as a potential channel for user acquisition, citing the successful onboarding of 4,000 new users to their Axie Origins game through the YGG Superquests collaboration.

The Philippines Gaming Industry

With a population of 117 million people and a median age of 25 years old (Worldometers), the Philippines presents a significant market for game developers. Filipinos have the highest average screen time spent on phones, with nearly a third of their day (32.53%) dedicated to mobile usage (DataReportal).

In 2022, players from the Philippines accounted for over 40% of Axie Infinity’s total player base (Statista). These figures highlight why all Web3 game developers should view the Philippines as a potential target market. If Web3 game companies can devise effective user-acquisition strategies and reduce the costs associated with it, the Philippines gaming market holds the potential to be an untapped gold mine. 


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