Meet your new Co-Founder

Brinc is pleased to announce a new tool to help founders reach key business milestones. Co-Founder is a functional large language model (LLM) Google Chrome extension with tailored prompts based on startup development and the entrepreneurial journey. Using Brinc’s expertise, content, and knowledge from supporting hundreds of startups, Co-Founder acts as a source of business-related information for idea-stage through to Series C companies.

By accessing knowledgeable sources and using natural language processing (NLP), Co-Founder guides businesses by suggesting relevant prompts to deep-dive into; answering entrepreneurship-focused questions on fundraising, human resources, how to build business processes, discover blindspots, and streamline workflow all via OpenAI’s ChatGPT supercharged with Brinc’s knowledge base.

Co-Founder is currently in its Alpha phase; interested parties are encouraged to apply for access via this interest form.

How startups benefit

Streamline Processes

Improve your readiness for accelerator programs, corporate engagements, introductions to potential investors, and more

Access Industry Insights

Get answers on fundraising, human resources, legal queries, how to outline services and products and more, based on the evolution of your business and market trends

Prompted Queries

Designed specifically by founders for founders, Co-Founder has been pre-programmed with key leading questions, prompts and content to help you on your way

“AI has already demonstrated capacity for numerous improvements in both personal and business lives. Infusing cutting-edge tools into startup support aligns with Brinc’s mission, and we will continue to explore ways to facilitate smoother and more impactful entrepreneurial journeys. With Co-Founder, we hope founders and businesses at different stages of development can easily find answers to their most pressing questions.”

Manav Gupta

Founder & CEO, Brinc

What people said about Brinc Co-founder

testimonial if we have any at later stage

Brinc's AI Roadmap

Auto-generated startup profiles

Access profiles based on anonymized Brinc and public data, and see custom assessment to assess startups’ readiness for accelerator programs, corporate engagements, and introductions to potential investors

Dedicated AI venture fund

Grow within your industry with AI venture fund and venture building services


Brinc is currently looking for founders interested in helping test our Alpha prototype. To sign up to participate in the testing, please submit an interest form. 

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