Our Portfolio

The world is facing unprecedented problems and we believe that by investing in game changers, the people that are willing to invest their lives to do truly great work, that we can provide world-class returns to investors and fix major issues in every corner of the Earth at the same time.

After five years, we have invested in some amazing founders from around the world. It’s been an incredible journey so far and we can’t wait to see where all these teams end up.

Shelly Lee-Davies

CEO & Founder of Born

Shelley’s mission is to create a range of vegan pregnancy and infant formulas, which provide mothers and their growing infants with all the nutrition they need from plants using the latest food technologies.

Julian Vogels & Florian Simmendinger

Co-Founders of Soundbrenner

Julian & Florian want to help more people succeed in their goal to become a great musician. They do that by bringing modern technology and great design to the world of instrumentalists.

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