CHINA PROGRAM ALTERNATIVE PROTEIN Apply VIEW ALL ACCELERATOR PROGRAMS Overview A virtual program, based in Shanghai, focusing on early stage alternative protein startups that are operating in China or entering China. In more recent years, concurrent with the Chinese government’s published guidelines to reduce its citizens’ meat consumption, many Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly aware […]


HONG KONG PROGRAM MEDTECH Apply VIEW ALL ACCELERATOR PROGRAMS Overview A virtual program, focusing on global startups building innovative medical and health technologies to improve all aspects of the health industry. The program is designed to support commercialization for new technology growth-stage startups. Today, people live longer than ever. However, population growth is expected to […]


ALTERNATIVE PROTEIN THE FUTURE OF FOOD VIEW ALL VERTICALS Alternative Protein The plant-based alternative protein market is expected to be worth $85 billion by the next decade, according to new figures from UBS. This increased appetite for meat alternatives has rapidly emerged in recent years due to health, environmental and ethical considerations. The trend is […]


AGTECH AGRICULTURE 4.0 AgTech Farmers must ramp up food production by a staggering 70% if we are to meet the demand of the world’s expanding population by 2050. Alongside urbanization and the challenges of climate change, this increasing number of mouths to feed means we urgently need to re-evaluate how food progresses from farm to […]


FOODTECH CHANGING OUR FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN VIEW ALL VERTICALS FoodTech Our global food supply chain is inefficient in its current form. The processes around the growth, manufacture and distribution of produce are an unsustainable contributor to global warming. Not only are they unfit for scaling but the Covid-19 pandemic has also revealed how delicate this […]