A virtual program focusing on global startups that are building innovative solutions to improve environmental sustainability across all industries. The program is designed to support promising companies by offering tailored mentorship, a structured curriculum and introductions to a wide range of ecosystem players promoting sustainability.

Every year, the world adds 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, exacerbating climate change and driving up global temperatures, which in turn, traps us in a vicious cycle. The only way to avoid environmental collapse is to take immediate and decisive action to mitigate and reverse the worst impacts of climate change.

There are a number of factors contributing to climate change, all of which are deeply interwoven into our modern way of living. We need to rethink the way we power our cities, we grow our food, we manufacture our goods and the way we get around.

Our belief is that this fundamental challenge can only be solved by technology, innovation and collective action. The CleanTech and Sustainability program aims to play a part in combating climate change by supporting entrepreneurs with disruptive solutions to fight for a more sustainable future.

Our Offer

Investment Ticket: USD $130,000

Program Equity Alighment: Negotiable

Program Fee: USD $30,000

The program is designed to support startups in three main areas:
1. Preparation in getting investor-ready and fundraising via Brinc’s network of investors
2. Technical support in product refinement to ensure its market readiness
3. Commercialisation via access to new markets, distribution support, or exposure to corporates.

In addition to funding, we provide mentorship, networking, access to experts, ecosystem players, distributors, investor match matching, a customized curriculum, an international startup perks package, and on-going support post program to help get your startup to the next level.

Investment Verticals

1. Environment

  • Consumer Education
  • Chatbots
  • Track and Trace


2. Human

  • Reduce Meat/Animal Consumption
  • Increase Recycling
  • Decrease fresh water waste


3. Animal

  • Increase Alternative Protein Availability
  • Reduce Cost of Alt Protein

4. Distribution

  • Consumer Marketplaces


5. Marine

  • Reduce Fishing
  • Reduce Pollution
  • Reduce Exploitation
  • Increase Protected Areas

Application Requirements

  • We invest in international startups. Startups do not have to be based in the program’s location.
  • Startups that have developed a product that fits within one of our CleanTech & Sustainability investment verticals.
  • Startups with a close to finalized design, validated product features and has near-term commercialization needs.
  • At least 2 co-founders with relevant industry experience.
  • Scalable business model with high growth potential.

Program Requirements

  • Startups successfully accepted into our accelerator program will need to pay a USD $30,000 participation fee for our program. This fee can be deducted from our investment amount.
  • There will also be a program equity alignment to take part in the program. The program is 100% online and remote.
  • There is no need to be physically present in the location for the duration of the program.

Ready to apply?

Applications are now open! Apply by February 27th, 2022.

Applications are now closed. Complete the interest form below to get notified when applications open again for the next cohort!

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Our seasoned team of advisors from diverse backgrounds is critical for your long-term success, delivering value and supporting our founders on their journey to building profitable companies whilst addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Our mentors


Rhod Needham

Halo Impact
Efraín Hisnardo Rojas Uribe

Efraín Hisnardo R.

Deepak-Raghothaman (1)

Deepak Raghothaman

Tooraj Arvajeh

Tooraj Arvajeh

Perl Street
Henry Ming Hon

Henry Ming Hon

Genius Greens & Light Quantum Energy
Yonah Welker

Yonah Welker

Amarit Charoenphan

Amarit Charoenphan

Mandalay Venture Partners
Cristina Ventura Serra

Cristina Ventura Serra

Henry Ming Hon

Henry Ming Hon

Genius Greens & Light Quantum Energy
Yonah Welker

Yonah Welker

Amarit Charoenphan

Amarit Charoenphan

Mandalay Venture Partners
Cristina Ventura Serra

Cristina Ventura Serra


Our Team

natalie-s-headshot (1)

Natalie Lung

Program Manager

Edwin Lee

Program Manager

Guillermo Ginesta

Head of Programs, Greater China

Tiffany Tse

Associate Program Manager

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