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Empowering game-changing entrepreneurs on their paths toward gigaton-scale carbon removal


A 12-week virtual program offering founders the necessary tools for their technology development, commercialization, and fundraising needs.

Our mission is to increase global collaboration on and awareness of carbon dioxide removal (CDR), enabling gigaton-scale deployment by:

  1. providing tailored support to selected global startups so they can scale faster and reach their next fundraising round
  2. connecting startups from emerging and established markets to Asian capital and markets

Our Offer

Investment Ticket: US$150,000 SAFE

Equity Alignment: 2-5% dependent upon valuation

Program Fee: US$30,000

Our team will support you all the way through to launch


Who we're looking for

We are looking for early-stage founders working on carbon removal solutions and enabling technologies to help create a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future.

Focus Areas

Including but not limited to

  • Direct air capture, utilization, and storage
  • Mineralization
  • Ocean carbon removal
  • Biomass carbon removal and storage (BiCRS) including biochar and bio-oil
  • Frontier biotech including durable soil sequestration
  • Enabling technologies including MRV tools


  • Incorporated entity
  • At least two full-time founders
  • TRL 4+ with supporting data

Evaluation Criteria

  • Annual gigaton-scale emissions reduction potential
  • Techno-economic model at 1M ton scale
  • Do no harm ecological solutions

How startups benefit


Connect with world-class entrepreneurs, corporates, and technical advisors


A SAFE during the program and support to perfect your pitch for demo day

Network Access

Connect to a global network of investors and de-risk commercialization through collaboration with our partners

Tailored Support

Customized curriculum and ongoing support from our portfolio team after the program ends

Curriculum highlights

  • One-on-one meetings with relevant mentors and subject matter experts
  • Learn to address technical challenges such as IP, supply chain, and techno-economic modeling
  • Refine your business model, go-to-market strategy, and financial model
  • Access potential customers and test facilities to validate and de-risk your technology
  • Support building your impact pro forma model from Rho Impact
  • Join our impact reporting platform to quantify your startup’s impact and refine its strategy

What to expect

Our Offer

Investment Ticket: US$150,000

Program Equity Alignment: 2-5% (Artesian) and 2% advisory shares (Brinc)

Please note

  • Brinc invoices for the program fee of US$30,000 at the end of the program. By this point, the investment partner would have deployed the investment amount to cohort startups
  • Equity alignment is dependent upon startup valuation
  • Brinc advisory shares will be negotiated separately
  • If your company will be actively pursuing an open fundraising round when the program starts, the investment terms can be slightly modified. Please contact or share questions on the application form to discuss specific constraints
  • Applicants can be based anywhere as the program is remote
  • Applications for the upcoming cohort close on January 29th, 2023
  • The next program starts in March 2023

Program Requirements


Climate change threatens both human and planetary health, potentially impacting global food production, increasing the risk of infectious diseases, and displacing entire populations whose homes would be underwater. The recent IPCC report unequivocally states that dramatic reduction in emissions is necessary within the next decade to maintain global temperature increase below 1.5 degrees C and avoid the worst effects. Reaching net zero targets will require us to change how we move, eat, make, and power our lives.

The challenge of our time is also an enormous opportunity. Reports of investment required to hit net zero targets are as high as US$9.2 trillion annually over the next three decades. As we redesign our lives to ensure our world is habitable for generations to come, we have the opportunity to implement systems that restore and heal our planet. We can empower currently disadvantaged communities to take part in a just transition. New technologies such as carbon removal will need to reach equivalent scales to incumbent ones today, providing pathways to upskill workers and create a level playing field.

This new world can only be built by uniting a global ecosystem of stakeholders, ranging from communities to government to private capital. Brinc aims to find entrepreneurs motivated to develop game-changing solutions to the climate tech challenge. This program will enable them to tap into a wide-ranging network and develop critical skills to accelerate their paths to success

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Why Carbon Removal?

The IPCC report and an increasing number of analyses clearly state that gigaton-scale carbon removal will be necessary to achieve net zero targets. Technology-based solutions need to scale from thousands of tons per year today to 5-10 Gt per year by 2050. Innovations inspired by nature that can achieve permanence and scalability need validation. Enabling technologies such as measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) tools will also be required to support these efforts. This is the defining decade to invest in technologies which can ensure our planet is habitable for generations to come.


Andrew Byrnes

Andrew Byrnes

Investor, Micron Technology
Kai Martin_500x500

Kai Martin

Corporate Development Lead, Baker Hughes
Matt McGraw

Matthew McGraw

Managing Partner, Anthropocene Ventures
Natalie Khtikian

Natalie Khtikian

Chief Commercial Officer, CO280
Reilly O'Hara

Reilly O'Hara

Manager, Carbon Finance, CarbonCure


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