Over 25,000 people have attended our events and conferences globally

  In 2015, Brinc hosted Peter Thiel in Hong Kong. 

In 2015, Brinc hosted Peter Thiel in Hong Kong. 

We help build ecosystems through events and conferences 

We host and organise events for investors and founders in every region in which we operate. From our Launch Summit in 2015, through to hosting Peter Thiel in Hong Kong, to supporting the Guangzhou International Innovation Festival in 2017, we create the space for necessary conversations to happen. 


Events of note:


The Launch Summit

The Launch Summit brought together over 3,000 people for two days from Hong Kong and across the region in a forum to showcase teams and products that are building the future of consumer IoT products. See the video summary of the event. 


The Guangzhou International Innovation Festival

A two-day event conducted in partnership with Guangzhou's government, showcasing China's Greater Bay area, and it's potential as an innovation hub for companies within China and across the region.  

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In 2017 we acquired Enter China: the largest community of physical product founders

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Enter China is the world's #1 community for physical product entrepreneurs

As a community, EC boasts 200 years experience working in mainland China, has shipped millions of products and generates 9 figures in annual revenue.

Early stage founders can learn the foundational knowledge necessary to build a physical product business and later stage founders can leverage EC's Accelerate program to prepare for the launch or scale of their e-commerce business.

Visit Enter China to learn more.