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People who manufacture for the first time really underestimate the time, effort and complexity of finding the right manufacturing partner for their product and business. According to our experience, engaging with the the right partner is a crucial and multi-step process. Once you’ve locked down that relationship, you’re already 50% there!


Let us help you find the right factory to manufacture your product and ensure that they have the appropriate facilities, expertise and resources to fulfil your needs.


Understand Product Requirements

Our in-house engineering team will do a technical review of your product and analyze the stage of development to determine key vendor capabilities and requirements.


Vendor Profile Building

Brinc will build an ideal vendor profile based on technical specs, budget and your volumes, that will be used as your sourcing and selection criteria throughout the  contract manufacturer and supplier review process.


Vendor Sourcing

We have a strong network of factories in China that we have long-term relationships with and have validated by working to produce products for startups, SMEs, and large enterprises. However, we will source outside of our network if we don’t have the right factory for your product.


Vendor Audit

Each factory under consideration will be subject to a comprehensive audit to evaluate facilities, past work, and production process to ensure that they are the right fit for  you. We will also do a reputation check to make sure that they are trustworthy and reliable.


Vendor Comparison & Selection

We will shortlist 2-3 strong contract manufacturers that we think are a good fit for you, providing transparency on pricing as well as the pro’s and con’s to help assist you in your decision making.

Already in conversation with factories in China? No problem. We can help validate them to ensure that they are a good fit for your product and can be reliable production partners.


Want to learn more?

Design File Consult

Not sure if you’re ready for manufacturing or if you have all your crucial designs files completed? Jump on a one hour phone consultation with one of our project managers to get some feedback on the completion of your current design files and some practical guidance on how to produce the ones that are missing.