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We are dedicated to sourcing the world’s best IoT products from across the globe. We partner with ambitious, connected and emerging-technology companies. Through our global industry connections, we enable young businesses to scale without the typical headaches of entering new markets


We are driven by IoT, its possibilities and your bottom line

We as IoT Distributor

We know IoT better than most, having helped build many IoT companies to a value of $500M. We also know what it takes to create a product that makes an impact in its niche. We are in the business of establishing product market fit allowing us to truly understand a product’s value in a given market.


We know IoT because we build leading businesses in the space. We also know where to sell it!

Our partnerships connect us to new markets

With some of world’s largest consumer electrical product distributors on our books in Asia, Middle East, Africa and the United States, we have the connections to take your product distribution and sales to the next level.