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Drones & Robotics Overview

When most people think of drones, they tend to think of their consumer function as remote-controlled, flying machines used to capture high-definition photos and videos. However, there are an expanding range of commercial applications for drones that have yet to be realized, especially in industries such as defense, transportation, logistics, agriculture, manufacturing, media and many others.

Drones, along with robotics, are burgeoning industries poised to create immeasurable economic value over the coming decades. Many enterprises have already implemented these technologies to reduce costs, automate repetitive tasks and increase productivity and the number of organizations assessing their potential is rapidly increasing.

Drones and robotics provide us with a way to capture new data and work in ways that weren’t otherwise possible before the onset of these technologies. We believe that drones and robotics will enable us to gain a deeper understanding of our world and find better solutions to the problems we face.

Accelerator Program


Drones & Robotics Accelerator Program
Location: Hong Kong

OFFER - USD $70,000 in exchange for 8 - 13% equity of your startup.

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