Driving Economic Growth
Innovation is occurring at an unprecedented rate. To move with startup agility, governments need to take a distributed approach and establish ecosystem partners who can drive innovation.

It's essential for governments to foster and develop startup ecosystems. Establishing a robust startup ecosystem enables their country to develop local talent and businesses, stay ahead of the curve, and ultimately drive economic growth.

Ecosystem Development

We help governments and agencies cultivate startup ecosystems that enable entrepreneurship and integrate innovation into their country’s DNA. As an experienced venture accelerator with 150+ startup investments, we have the networks and expertise to help you adopt a distributed approach to innovation and facilitate impactful engagements with startups that align with your country's business and technology objectives.

Get the results you need

Detect seismic shifts in their industries early on
Adopt exponential technologies and business models
Satisfy customers by proactively creating new products
Effectively attract, retain and empower top talent
Achieve higher strategic and financial returns on innovation

What’s it like working with Brinc?

The new initiative with Brinc shall make the state one of the best startup destinations in the country.
Dr Saji Gopinath
I can see a very bright future for startups in Poland. ScaleUp programs offering services for both domestic and international startups and thanks to this Poland has become a very strong market for teams from all over the world.
Jacek Bukowicki
ScaleUp Program Officer

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