Impactful Returns
Startups are expanding at rapid rates. To stay ahead of curve and detect changes in the industry, investors must take a distributed approach and establish ecosystem partnerships that can drive de-risked and high-quality pipeline of investments.

Ultimately, investors who provide support beyond the spreadsheet will win. Founders need investors who understand the social impact of their business, can support their constantly evolving business plans, while also opening up new opportunities for growth.

De-Risked Investments

Our global infrastructure and expansive network allow us to provide investors with an unparalleled pipeline of startup investment opportunities. As an experienced venture accelerator with 150+ startup investments, we have the networks and expertise to help you facilitate impactful engagements with startups that align with your business and technology objectives.

Get the results you need

Detect seismic shifts in their industries early on
Adopt exponential technologies and business models
Satisfy customers by proactively creating new products
Effectively attract, retain and empower top talent
Achieve higher strategic and financial returns on innovation

What’s it like working with Brinc?

Artesian is very pleased to partner with Brinc’s exceptional team to identify and invest in new and disruptive technologies.
Luke Fay
Managing Partner
When we thought of launching an alternative protein accelerator program, the first partner that came to our mind was Brinc for very obvious reasons: dedicated team, strong network, and professional experience. Most importantly, we both believe in the power of “GAME CHANGERS”. We are very excited about our Lever VC x Brinc - China Alternative Protein Accelerator Program. We are ready to partner with Brinc to make a positive impact on the world!
Lily Chen
Program Manager
In this partnership between Tamkeen and Brinc, we aim to foster innovation and entrepreneurship by attracting high potential companies that can scale up in the region and beyond.
Mohammed Ahmadi
Director of Investments

Invest with us

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