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Drone Delivery Systems
Solar-powered mailbox for autonomous drone delivery

Drone Delivery Systems introduces AirBox, the world’s first secure, solar powered IoT smart mailbox system centered around the Internet of Things ESP32 technology. AirBox Technology utilises a completely autonomous drone delivery platform, AirBox DroneX, reducing costs and saving time.


Chosen out of 17,000 applicants as the “Most Innovative Problem Solving Product in the World” by the United Nations, AirBox Technology has been granted “Airspace” approval in joint cooperation with the government of Antigua in the first UN Sciencepark, with a 17-country waiting list.  As a result, AirBox will be the first mover to complete commercial drone delivery testing into a secure receptacle.


Brandon Page, Founder & CEO, has over 18 years of experience and is a medical equipment and telecom specialist.


Key Milestones


- Covid-19 innovation includes servicing the community in spite of social distancing with contactless deliveries - working with a courier in Virginia.


- Continuous testing and pilots with leading logistics and courier companies in the US & Canada.

Brandon Pargoe
Founder & CEO
Drones & Robotics
Smart City
United States