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Energy & Industrial IoT Overview

“Data has become the new gold” has everyone excited about the revolution brought by IoT. IHS predicted 30 billion connected things in 2020 representing 10 times more incremental connected devices than incremental connected people between 2016 and 2020. And, industrial sectors may just be the biggest beneficiaries of the surge in available quality data and connectivity.

Today, despite being the world’s largest consumer of energy, industrial sectors have 50% of untapped energy efficiency. Furthermore, tremendous value lies in more sustainable, reliable and efficient operations for manufacturers, service providers and end-users.

As technology is reaching a maturity stage, key to businesses is to identify use-cases and applications of IoT in Industrial sectors such as increased flexibility, asset utilization improvement and energy & labor optimization.

We believe that IoT is driving a transformation known as Industry 4.0. We also strongly believe that powerful IoT devices and platforms will enable new applications and services in buildings, infrastructure and manufacturing. For example, huge potential of IIoT lies in the ability to link automation systems with enterprise planning, scheduling and product lifecycle systems.

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Accelerator Program


Energy & Industrial IoT Accelerator Program
Location: Hong Kong

OFFER - USD $125,000 in exchange for 10% equity of your startup + USD $25,000 Brinc Services credit.

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