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The Enterprise Next Accelerator Program is a partnership between Brinc and Cornerstone Venture Partner (CSVP) to identify, mentor, and invest in promising Enterprise Tech companies. 

Startups accepted into the program will receive training, mentorship, and monetary investment of USD$100,000, with further eligibility for post-program funding of up to $500,000. The technology program partner is Microsoft for startups (Microsoft for Startups | Microsoft), who will provide a range of credits and services to eligible participating teams valued at up to $350,000. Additional perks from business and tech partners valued at around $100,000 will be available for the participating teams.

CSVP is amongst a few ‘thematic’ funds in India that has been focusing on a market shift & has consistently been building a high-quality investment portfolio in the Enterprise SaaS market, given that India is positioned to take on a leadership position in the global SaaS market.

The program will focus on enabling new businesses (particularly in SaaS) that enhance seamless interactions and engagements with consumers and stakeholders via means such as Web3 and the metaverse. Those that enable faster and more secure transactions across the value chain (by leveraging blockchain infrastructure and tokenization), with sustainability mandates will also be favored.

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Technology Partner

India : The next global SaaS capital

India is home to over 100 unicorns across different segments, and its accelerated pace of entrepreneurship is rapidly turning it into a global hub for SaaS startups.

The country’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in SaaS that focus on larger enterprises prime it for global dominance within the next few years. Its SaaS providers are at the forefront in customer acquisition, retention, and upselling and cross-selling to existing customers. Further, India’s large consumer and technology-first mindset, pave the way for further adoption of consumer-focused SaaS solutions.

Our Offer

Ticket Size: USD $100,000

Advisory Shares: Negotiable

We invest USD $100,000 in exchange for equity. On successful completion of the program, some startups may receive an additional investment of US$500,000 from CSVP Fund. The program will conclude with a demo-day at which several investors, potential customers and enterprises will participate 

The program is designed to prepare each project for getting investor-ready. The program will provide funding, education, mentorship, network access, and other support to navigate challenging milestones common to many as they scale their business.

We provide:

1. Commercialization

Providing educational content to startups designed to prepare them
for future commercial opportunities in Asia while facilitating
commercial opportunities through Cornerstone and Brinc’s network.

  1. Facilitated introductions to Brinc and Cornerstone’s network
    of tech corporations and distributors.
  2. Support with commercial negotiations and business
  3. Defining market entry, expansion, and business growth
  4. Marketing & Pricing

2. Technical Development

Providing education on enterprise SaaS best practices as well as
access to technical mentors and development vendors in Brinc and
Cornerstone’s network.

  1. Product development and evaluation support
  2. Technical coaching in groups and 1-on-1 mentoring from
    enterprise leaders
  3. Data Management and Analytics support

3. Fundraising

Educating startups on fundraising best practices, and equipping them
with financial tools, and tailored introductions to Cornerstone’s and
Brinc’s investor network.

  1. Investor demo day
  2. Investor matchmaking
  3. Angel investor pitch sessions
  4. Cash Flow and financial modelling
  5. Data Room and reporting

Investment Verticals

The Cornerstone x Brinc Enterprise SaaS accelerator invests in cloud-based SaaS solutions solving significant business problems and delivering proven value at a global scale.

  1. Financial Services
  2. Retail / E-commerce
  3. Logistics/Supply Chain
  4. Health Care
  5. AI/ML
  6. Web 3.0/Metaverse/NFT
  7. Advanced Data Science

Application Requirements

  • We invest in startups that are based in India or focus on the Indian market.
  • Startups do not have to be based in the program’s location.
  • At least 2 co-founders with relevant industry experience and a clear roadmap.
  • Scalable and defined business model with high growth potential.
    Fundraising traction.
  • A company/startup must be incorporated.
  • Minimum requirements for the startup stage: POC Achieved / Successful Pilots Stage
  • Preferred: Early Revenues / Paying Customers (min. $100k+ ARR/min. 5 customers)

Mid Stage Startups Track

  • Product: Incorporating customer feedback/2nd commercial version
  • Market/Sales/Customers: In the market/acquiring customers
  • Revenue: Early revenue –  US$10,000- US$25,000 per year
  • Support Focus: Commercial development

Early Stage Startups Track

  • Product: Final stage MVP/1st commercial version
  • Market/Sales/Customers: 3-4 months to market; 1st pilots (paid/unpaid)
  • Revenue: No revenue to early sales (preferably LOIs)
  • Support Focus: Finalizing product development and sales planning

Program Requirements

Startups successfully accepted into our accelerator program will need to pay a US$20,000 participation fee for the program. The program fee is used to cover our operations expenses and does not come out of pocket and it’s never charged before the startup receives investment. This fee can be settled after the investment has been deployed.

The program is 100% online and remote. There is no need to be physically present in the location for the duration of the program.

Ready to apply?

Applications are now open! Apply by , 2021.



Ready to apply?

Applications Open 2022. Complete the online form to go through the initial screening.

Mix business with purpose

We create value for our portfolio companies and our ecosystem partners by facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships.

Global diverse talent

Our seasoned team of advisors from diverse backgrounds is critical for your long-term success, delivering value and supporting our founders on their journey to building profitable companies whilst addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Our Team


Bashar Aboudaoud

Co-Founder & COO, Brinc
Hari Krishnan (1)

Hari Krishnan

Associate Program Manager, Brinc India
Untitled design (3) (1)

Karan Keswani

Managing Director, Brinc India
Mikhail Zenchenkov (1) (1)

Mikhail Zenchenkov

Program Director, Brinc India
image_1-removebg-preview (5)

Nikkhil Srinivaas

Senior Program Manager, Brinc India

Our mentors

Abdul Salim (1)

Abdul Salim

Amal (1)

Amal PS

Founder & CEO, Keito Inc

Anshad Ameenza

Group CTO, President Innovation Incubator India

Ashutosh Vaidya

Vice Chairman, ACN Healthcare
BHavish 01

Bhavish Sood

Partner, Modulor Capital
Chintan Oza - Pic (2) (2)

Chintan Oza

Regional Director - India, Founder Institute

Darya Yegorina

Founder, CleverBooks
IMG-20210827-WA0009 (2) (1)

Dr. Mark Siebert

Director, DataUnion Foundation

Flavia Richardson

CCO, Velocity Group
unnamed (2)

Hemal Patel

Advisor & Investor

Ian Hunter

CEO, RHFHub Limited
Kesavan Passport Size


CoFounder & CEO,

Manish Dureja

MD, MarKey Smart Chain
image (4)

Manu Parpia

VIce Chairman, ACN Healthcare

Manuel Messner

CEO, Mazing GmbH

Mary Laniyan

Mentor, Ovilan Consulting Ltd
1561528871368 (1)

Michael Akampa

Managing Partner, Equator Partners

Nikolet Zwart

Lawyer, BioLegal

Nitin Goel

Business Strategy Head & Consultant, sKarn Robotics
peter_kolarov_portrait-square (1)

Peter Kolarov

CEO, Crayonic
Piyush Photo 2 (1)

Piyush Akhouri

Co-Founder, Bridgentech
prateek (1)

Prateek Suraj

Vice President, Technology ZunRoof Tech Pvt Ltd
Zheng Wei_Formal-min (1)

Quah Wei

CEO & Co-Founder, Accredify
123545-1 (1)

Ranjit Sankar

Principal Consultant (Digital Business Transformation & Emerging Technologies), GrepDigital
A_A05365 (2) (2)

Samudragupta Talukdar

Founder & CEO, Cognilements Pvt. Ltd.
unnamed (1)

Sandhya Vasudevan

Managing Director, ex-Deutsche Bank Group

Sayantan Mookherjee

Founder, 221 B Baker ST.
Shubhradeep Nandi - Headshot

Shubhradeep Nandi

CEO and Chief Data Scientist, Dvara Solutions

Sridhar Pandurangiah

Founder & CTO, Sastra Technologies Private Ltd
profile-pic (1)

Sudhakar Suga

Founder & CEO, Starlly Solutions Private Ltd
Subir A

Subir Agrawal

Managing Director, Nukebox Studios Pvt Ltd

Tahir Mahmood

Founder & CTO, Tiqniat Ltd
TJS Oct 3 2019(1)

Tomas Svoboda

Managing Partner, Tagator SA
Vaishnavi Reddy (1)

Vaishnavi Reddy

Founder & CEO, OriginUX Studio

Ready to apply?

Applications Open 3rd October 2022.
Complete the online form to go through the initial screening.