You can select the program you would like to apply for here.

Once applications close for the incoming cohort, selected companies will be invited to meet our Program Managers and complete further due diligence before participating in a panel interview with an investment committee. 

Following this interview, we shortlist the top teams and may request additional supporting information to aid our decision process. The entire investment process can take around three months from the close of applications.

The key to selecting the right accelerator for your business is matching your startup to the program thesis and focus criteria outlined on the program page. Another aspect that you may wish to consider is whether the investment partner that is attached to the program is a strategic match for your business.

Applicants are advised to apply to a single accelerator program at a time. However, should they have an interest in other Brinc programs, they may submit additional applications for our consideration. While this does not guarantee a higher chance of acceptance, it enables us to better understand your company’s focus areas and aspirations. Our goal is to help you achieve your vision through the best-fit accelerator.

Our accelerator team is dedicated to supporting your journey and addressing all of your needs throughout the program. The program fee is used to cover some of our operational expenses which include our staff and mentor costs, demo days and events.

We focus on supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in their early stages of growth, helping them to validate their business models, refine their product offerings, build the foundations for scale, form commercial partnerships, close capital, and enter new markets. We understand the unique challenges startups face and aim to provide them with the necessary resources, mentorship, and funding opportunities to accelerate their growth trajectory. However, some of Brinc’s accelerators focus on companies at later stages. In such cases, we work to find suitable investor matches, just as we do with any other business in our programs.

Each program can have different methods of delivery. Please check individual program pages to see whether the program you intend to apply for requires onsite participation. However, most programs are hybrid (a mix of virtual and/or in-person).

As part of the program, each business will have mentors matched with them specifically based on their unique requirements; this is in addition to program-wide mentors and program partners whose industry knowledge and business experience apply to the full cohort.  Key mentors and program partners can be seen on respective accelerator pages.

The Brinc accelerator program offers companies (typically startups up to series B) a comprehensive support system to scale their businesses and drive innovation. Selected startups receive funding opportunities, mentorship from industry experts, and access to a structured curriculum comprising 1:1 mentorships and networking sessions. They also gain industry insight and benefit from Brinc’s extensive network of program partners and investors. While each program contains these key elements, successful applicants can expect to receive tailored mentorship based on their business needs. Please check the program page of your desired accelerator for more information.

Brinc will arrange four-to-six hours of content per week throughout the program. This will be a mix of online workshop and webinar sessions, one-on-one advisory sessions, and one-on-one check-ins with your relevant Program Manager. The recordings of the workshops and webinars will be available throughout the program to all participants. You are encouraged to involve as many team members as possible to take part, especially technical members. Depending on schedules there may be some additional invitations to onsite roadshows, conferences, or demo days.

The length of our programs varies based on location, focus area and other variables. To see specific program details, visit our accelerator program page overviews.

The Brinc network spans the globe, far beyond our office locations. We have connections with partners worldwide. Introductions to partners are tailored to your company’s specific requirements, product stage, and fundraising stage. We diligently position program participants and Brinc portfolio companies to attract the most suitable partners for their growth. While specific matchups depend on individual needs and circumstances, our extensive network of hundreds of mentors and strategic partners ensures you receive the necessary guidance and connections to address your unique needs and facilitate market access across various regions.


Our offer varies based on program, location, and other variables. To see specific program details, visit our accelerator program page overviews.

Some of our investment partners have well-defined follow-on criteria for applicants they invest in through our programs, while others assess these opportunities on a case-by-case basis. However, as equity holders via our advisory shares in your company, we are committed to supporting your company’s growth even after the program ends. Our dedicated portfolio management teams support ongoing fundraising needs, helping formulate fundraising strategies alongside making introductions to new but relevant investors.

For our programs with an investment partner, your company’s acceptance to the program will be tied to their mandates and parameters. As such, provided basic due diligence criteria is met, and subject to appropriate investment agreements between your company and our investment partners directly, our investment partners are committed to deploying funds.

The percentage of advisory equity Brinc takes is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the current stage of your business, including factors such as fundraising traction, revenue and comparable transactions. This approach allows us to strategically align with your company and assist in your post-program fundraising process.

Brinc is not a licensed investment entity but a service provider to stakeholders who want to run programs and invest in startups. Brinc does not directly invest its balance sheet into startups but invests human capital and other resources to accelerate startup company growth.


Typically, companies accepted into our programs range from startups to series A. Ideally, your business should have a close-to-finalized design, validated product features, and short-term commercialization needs. Our programs are designed to support scalable businesses with high growth potential in their product development, commercialization, and fundraising. For programs that support later-stage companies, please refer to the individual program pages.

This depends on the program you are participating in. Each program can have different methods of delivery. Please check individual program pages to see whether the program you intend to apply for requires onsite participation.

The average acceptance rate stands at below 5% for each cohort. We consider a range of factors, including the dynamics of the founding team and early milestones achieved.

Before applying, please review your previous accelerator agreement to determine if there are any clauses that prevent you from joining another program. If your agreement allows, you are welcome to apply to Brinc’s programs. However, please make this explicit in your application.

Yes, you are still eligible to apply. Many companies accepted into our programs have already secured funding from angel investors, venture capital firms, and other institutional investors.

Yes, you can still apply. However, we would strongly recommend finding a co-founder to build the company with. Entrepreneurship is a long and steep path, and it is always better to have a co-founder.

Yes. Brinc occasionally receives interest from companies with previous fundraising commitments and is always open to discussing price accordingly.

Brinc will consider outstanding applicants outside of its parameters. Please visit each accelerator program page to find out how applicants are assessed.

We assess applications on a rolling basis throughout the application period. You can expect to get notified within two to four weeks of the application deadline. Our team will email the contact person you list on the application form to inform them whether or not you will be accepted to the next stage of the program.

Brinc has business parameters that all potential applicants must meet to qualify their participation in an accelerator. While parameters differ per program, generally, Brinc looks for the following minimum requirements: 


  • Be incorporated: Brinc will charge a program equity alignment (i.e., ask for shares), so applicants need to verify they are incorporated entities during the application stages. (This is not applicable for non-equity programs).
  • Own your intellectual property (IP): Should your business rely on an idea, please assure you have the rights to it, and that no other company or individual has a conflicting intellectual property right.
  • Your product or service must solve a problem for a specific target customer, with scalable distribution or proven ability to scale sales.
  • Have a functional prototype (or previous product success). This is required before investing.
  • Measurable traction: Have engaged users, some revenue, and attractive unit economics.
  • You should have a cross-functional team with relevant expertise in line with what is being built.

We encourage you to apply to programs that you feel will benefit the growth of your startup. Usually, our program partners have specific mandates that dictate the stage and industry of the companies they are looking to partner with. The closer the fit to these parameters, the more chances of successfully being selected.

Please send any additional questions you may have to Your query will be forwarded to the correct department and handled accordingly in due course.

At the moment, startups can only receive investment by going through one of our accelerator programs.