Bespoke trade financing and invoice factoring


We help you grow your business with the cash you need

  • Receive advances on your outstanding invoices, making it easier to expand your business
  • Provide immediate cash flow by selling your outstanding invoices and purchase orders



We make trade financing quick and easy 

  • Shorten processing time and cost, increasing your cost effectiveness as a business
  • Provide tailor-made and flexible solutions to suit your business needs

We offer purchase order financing and invoice factoring

  • Financing that is made for startups and small businesses from around the world
  • With Brinc, you can focus on your own business development so your businesses can thrive



Still have questions?

How do you qualify for financing

You are a startup or small business that has an invoice from a customer that can be validated. You are also working with a factory that can be inspected and quality assured.

How much would you pay

Our fee depends on the amount of the transaction. We try and keep it based on the size of the order alone, but may have to consider other factors occassionally.


3 steps to get funds

1. Apply Online

It only takes a few minutes
to fill out the online form, and we can guide you if you have questions!

2. Verified by us

Once you are verified by Brinc,
you can post the invoice and purchase order immediately.

3. Receive funds in your bank account

A transaction completes
within a few days after qualification.


Ready for financing?