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Food Technology Overview

Our food supply is at risk. The world’s population is expected to grow to 9.8 billion by 2050 and will be comprised of people who, on average, will be heavier and live longer than ever before. Our current food production techniques are unsustainable and cannot be scaled to meet the ballooning demands of an ever-increasing global population. The environmental and health implications along with the ethical concerns of livestock production are devastating.

Consumers, notably millennials, are becoming increasingly aware of the impacts of their dietary choices and are driving a cultural shift towards healthier, ethical and more environmentally friendly food products. This new paradigm has paved the way for innovation in food production. By 2025, the alternative dairy market will reach $41.1B, increasing at an annual rate of 16.7%. By 2050, it is estimated that alternative proteins will make up one third of the world’s protein consumption.

By investing in the future of food, we believe that we can contribute to a safer and healthier food supply resulting in a more sustainable and secure planet.

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Accelerator Program

Food Technology Accelerator


Food Technology Accelerator Program
Location: Hong Kong

OFFER - USD $80,000 in exchange for 10 - 15% equity of your startup.

The Good Food Startup Manual

In collaboration with The Good Food Institute, we released the first international edition of The Good Food Startup Manual. The manual is a 100+ page step-by-step instruction book for entrepreneurs who want to set up their own plant-based or cell-based protein startups.  Within the manual, you’ll learn about:

  • Company Creation

  • IP & Patenting

  • Brand Strategy

  • Fundraising

  • Food Labeling

  • Food Regulations

  • & Much More

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