At Brinc, we recognize Gaming as a pivotal sector that intersects innovation, technology, and entertainment. Gaming represents more than just an industry; it’s a dynamic platform that transcends boundaries, enabling diverse voices to be heard, fostering collaboration, and creating spaces where everyone can participate and excel.

Brinc’s Gaming Program is a first-of-its-kind accelerator for game developers offering support and guidance throughout the game-building journey. This 12-week virtual program is designed to:

  • Provide tailored support to selected global startups to scale faster and reach their next fundraising round
  • Connect startups from emerging and established markets.

Our team will support you all the way through to launch


Who we're looking for

We are looking for early-stage founders building innovative games or game-play technologies to transform the industry and how we engage as a community.

Focus Areas

Tech Expertise

Technically skilled professionals proficient in areas such as game development, software engineering, virtual reality, augmented reality, and related fields.

Gaming Pioneers

Experienced and ambitious game developers applying new technologies to their games.

How startups benefit


A Global Network

Connect to a global network of potential partners and/or customers. 

Tailored Mentorship

Gain access to a diverse network of experienced mentors and receive guidance on product development, market strategies, and best practices to accelerate your startup’s growth.

Investor Access

Receive coaching on your pitch, storytelling, and clarity on what investors are looking for. Opportunities to pitch and be spotlighted at events during and after the program.


Tailored Resources

Curated resources and workshops that cater specifically to the challenges and opportunities within the gaming industry including working with publishers, legal & compliance, and road-mapping.

Curriculum highlights

  • One-on-one meetings with relevant mentors and subject matter experts
  • Learn to address technical challenges such as IP, supply chain, and techno-economic modeling
  • Refine your business model, go-to-market strategy, and financial model
  • Access potential customers and test facilities to validate and de-risk your technology
  • Support building your impact pro forma model from Rho Impact
  • Join our impact reporting platform to quantify your startup’s impact and refine its strategy

What to expect


  • Must have developed a functional prototype
  • At least two co-founders with relevant industry experience
  • Must have a scalable and defined business model with high growth potential

Evaluation Criteria

  • Founding team with relevant experience 
  • High impact and market potential with sound commercialization strategy

Ready to Apply?

Application are now open – Limited spaces are available. 

Apply as a 

Where is the opportunity and why now?

  • AI opens a new world of possibilities: Procedural Content Generation, Personalized Gameplay, Adaptive AI Enemies, Natural Language Processing, Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text, Image and Audio Recognition, Real-time Translation, etc.
  • Blockchain allows gamers to truly own and exchange digital assets.
  • Faster download & upload speeds, reduced latency, multiplayer gaming, cloud gaming
  • Improved Security, Enhanced Personalization, Better User Experience, Improved Monetization, Streamlined Account Management

“The result of these developments is that games are now constantly evolving live platforms. That’s an extremely strong foundation. It leads to better product-market fit, and a much more personalized customer experience that generates serious customer love.”

select mentors & speakers

JJ Steely

JJ Steeley

Head of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, CarbonBuilt
Kai Martin_500x500

Kai Martin

Former Corporate Development Lead, Baker Hughes
Reilly O'Hara

Reilly O'Hara

Manager, Carbon Finance, CarbonCure Technology
Ted Christie-Miller

Ted Christie-Miller

Director of Carbon Removal, BeZero Carbon
Varsha Ramesh

Varsha Ramesh

CEO, Offstream

Varsha Ramesh

Ginny Radmall

Director, The Ivy Way

Luciano Bueno

Founder & CEO, Galy


Test Facility Partners

Community Partners

Ecosystem Partners

Partner with Brinc

We are always looking for mentors and strategic partners to join our programs

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  • Get early access to the most innovative gaming companies
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