Join Brinc’s 12-week Health Innovation accelerator to be part of a revolutionary journey. We’re on the lookout for trailblazing startups dedicated to medical technologies that empower patients at every step of their healthcare journey. Whether your focus is on digital health, cutting-edge medical devices, harnessing big data, or more, seize this opportunity to make an impact in the industry. 

Accepted high-potential early-stage projects from around the world will receive training, mentorship, a launchpad and access to a wide network of partners and investors.

Our team will support you all the way through to launch


150K USD


Who we're looking for

We are seeking innovative startups that make a transformative impact along the entire patient journey, including prevention & public health, risk identification & diagnosis, healthcare infrastructure modernization, disease management and recovery. 

Focus Areas

Including but not limited to

  • Consumer education & health information platforms
  • Women’s health
  • Mental wellness
  • Medical devices & wearables
  • Digital health
  • AI, big data & predictive analysis
  • Hospital automation and triage
  • Distribution, including consumer marketplaces
  • Digital therapeutics


Brinc may also exceptionally consider startups that focus on:

  • Point-of-care testing, including medical diagnostics and on-demand lab tests 
  • Screening & medical imaging
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How startups benefit

A Proven Framework

Learn the skills to succeed, based on our experience funding 200+ startups from 37 countries over the past nine years.

Tailored Mentorship

Receive one-on-one feedback and actionable guidance from experienced founders, program partners and investors.

Investor Access

Specialized workshops aimed at refining your pitch, financials, and business strategy together with access to a diverse range of investors and opportunities to pitch.

A Global Network

Connect with an extensive global community of industry experts and fellow entrepreneurs and receive ongoing support as you continue to build and grow your business after the program ends.

Curriculum highlights

  • Formulate a viable fundraising strategy and related assets
  • Investor match-making and pitch practice
  • Cash flow and financial modeling
  • Data room and reporting
  • Term sheet & contract negotiations
  • Exploring the market landscape
  • Business development and go-to-market strategy
  • Community-building tactics
  • Develop a clear messaging and branding strategy
  • Understand what key business metrics best communicate progress
  • IP strategy and roadmap
  • Recruitment and people management for remote or distributed teams
  • Founder wellness and leadership coaching
  • Navigating uncertainties and changes in the startup journey
  • Scaling and growth strategies

What to expect

Our Offer

  • Investment: Up to US$150,000, which is conditional on your company proceeding to the second stage of the application process. The investment amount is determined on a case-by-case basis in exchange for an equity alignment to the accelerator funding partner dependent on your company’s valuation
  • Program equity alignment in the form of advisory shares to Brinc of 2% in the capital of your company. While Brinc’s program equity alignment is mandatory, the actual allocation to Brinc is negotiable
  • Token grant of 2% of your company’s total token supply to Brinc (if applicable)


  • Must have developed a minimum viable product (MVP) / product / nearly-marketable product that can demonstrate a scalable and defined business model with a high growth potential, fundraising and sales traction.
  • Clinical/observational evidence that supports your technology is not always a must but is advantageous.
  • For startups focusing on therapeutics and diagnostic technologies proprietary product pipelines must have at least solid preclinical / near-preclinical evidence that can lead to e.g. progression into clinical trials, as well as opportunities in e.g. in out-licensing, co-development (with larger biotech/pharma) and M&A.
  • At least two co-founders with relevant industry experience (technical and commercial).

Evaluation Criteria

  • Market fit and roadmap for growth, considering factors such as target audience, scalability, and industry demand.
  • Uniqueness and innovation of solutions, looking for novel applications and groundbreaking concepts.

Terms & Conditions

  • Brinc charges a program fee of US$35,000, typically payable only upon the full disbursement of the investment by the program’s investment partner. All startups participating in programs enter into an advisory share agreement with Brinc, aligned to long-term support by Brinc’s portfolio team.

  • While Brinc’s program equity alignment is mandatory, the actual allocation to Brinc is negotiable.

  • Applicants can be based anywhere as the program is virtual.

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Why Health Innovation?

In an ever-evolving global healthcare landscape, where notable advancements have led to lower mortality rates and improved healthcare access over the past decade, there persist significant gaps and challenges within the system. Innovative startups at the forefront of health, including those supported by Brinc, play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges. By focusing on accelerating MedTech and Healthcare startups, we collectively contribute to the ongoing progress of the industry. These startups hold the promise of revolutionizing patient care, enhancing healthcare processes, and positively impacting global health outcomes.

select mentors & speakers

Andy Liu

Andy Liu

Group CEO, Cellomics
Meet Brinc's Health Innovation Program Mentor - Andrew Pang

Andrew Pang

Managing Director, Ally Bridge Group
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Dario Heymann

Chief Research Officer, Galen Growth
Douglas Corley

Douglas Corley

CEO, Alaunius Labs
Meet Brinc's Health Innovation Program Mentor - Ivan Li

Ivan Li

Former Deputy COO, Prenetics


Ecosystem Partners

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