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We believe that the future of mobility will be about accessible autonomy. Energy demand for transportation will rise as a growing middle class in emerging economies requires better access to transportation. 

From innovation in supply chains to rethinking how we move goods and people - both in and out of the city - we think that the physical internet will play a key role in how we move.

We are investing in founders and teams that are re-thinking mobility, the future of the supply chain, and the last mile. 

Our HOW WE MOVE Investments

We live in the physical world and AR and VR won't change that. In the physical world, we face fundamental problems and inefficiencies that can be solved. From connected luggage and car license plates that automatically detect tampering and crashes to commercial deliver fleet optimization and motorcycle communications platforms, Brinc's investments are working on the most pressing issues as we continue to increase our mobility in every country on Earth.