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What is inventory finance?

Inventory finance is lending to fund your goods to sell online.  All you need to do is provide us your sales history and we can evaluate your sales strength and provide you an appropriate loan.  Then you can sell your goods through your own  store or Amazon. 

Cash For Goods

Most lenders don't fund inventory to be sold online. We think online lending will be the biggest type on lending in the near future. Inventory finance is purely built on the data you provide us so we can make sure you have inventory at all times. Inventory matters and we are here to fund you. 

Benefits of Inventory Finance

  • Cash for online inventory when most traditional lenders won't lend
  • Provides an equity alternative that allows for increased sales and growth opportunities. Equity is the most expensive type of finance! 
  • Advances up to 70 % of the cost of inventory
  • No payments for 30 days