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Have you ever wanted to live in India?

Do you want to learn to invest in startups?

Take an adventure and join Brinc India!

Brinc’s global accelerator program is looking for a Program Manager for our brand new accelerator in Cochin (Kochi), India.

This two year adventure will be a once in a lifetime experience. You will learn the inside and out of a global venture accelerator, how to invest in startups, and will build a professional network in one of the world’s fastest growing innovation hubs.


  • competitive salary and the chance to save money while you have a once in a lifetime adventure

  • investment holding in all deals that are completed in your program

  • hands-on training from one of the world’s largest early-stage investment firm

  • housing assistance

  • house cleaning and driving services

  • and more…

Requirements Overview (see detailed job description below):

  • 2 year minimum commitment

Tech Head of Program

A vacancy for Tech Head of Program has arisen within Brinc & Makervillage in Kochi (India).

We will need your expertise to:

  • Find out balance between a feasible solution, business viability and user experience.
    Guide product development process with DFM mindset, and consideration.

  • Identify current design issues from manufacturing prospective and provide solution to avoid risks.

  • Provide guidance on working with manufacturer, process of manufacturing, and how that’s related to startups business.

  • The successful applicant will need to relocate to Kochi and be available to travel to China and Hong Kong  in order to undertake work in accordance with business needs.

Duties and Responsibilities

Your main tasks and responsibilities will include:

  • Product solution brainstorming with startups based on required business model and user experience, find out the gap between existing technology and a viable business.

  • Guiding teams through a process of refining solution to adapt manufacturing.

  • Estimating project budget and timeline based on personal experience or help guide teams acquire that info from a capable outsourced/ internal party.

  • Guide team on project planning, and project management against goals.

  • Developing educational sessions regarding product development and manufacturing to adapt local team development.

  • Keep track of team progress, resolving the obstacle of moving forward against a goal.

  • Provide technical expertise in risk management of product design, and risk mitigation action plans.

  • Provide guidance on working with manufacturer, engagement process and soft skills.

This role will involve frequent travel for business and as such you must be able to travel accordingly.

Desired Skills and Experience

We are looking for candidates with the following skills and experience:

  • At least 3 years of experience in product design and manufacturing.

  • 1 year of experience of working with startups.

  • Strong background (4-5 years) of mechanical design or electronic engineering (ideally each vacancy will have one skill of engineering)

  • Fluent professional (manufacturing, product development related) English.

  • Fluent Chinese is preferred.

  • Experience in working and living in China is preferred.

  • Have experience of fully managing one product line/ product cycle is preferred.